Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year of the Snake: The 2013 Windup

2013 at a Quick Glance

2013 is like the shedding of a snake.
There were things that are not convenient but trust that those were part of the process.
The year that was can also be considered as the snake's search for bliss.
It slithered across places just looking towards a home, crawling peacefully.

My 2013 is a year of twists & turns and returns.
It was a year of letting go and moving on; a year of open doors and new wide windows.
In this year, opportunities to fly higher and farther were exalting.
New language was introduced together with new faces to smile with.
I was so overwhelmed with blessings better than I deserve.
Though I have been into tough moments, as for me, it is right to say that the year that was is colorfully brilliant!

Now here comes 2014.
A new year of challenges but all systems are willing.
Though these challenges are marching on, the courage and confidence is mounting up.
Because I have a big God and He has planned great things to happen.
This is a year of abundance with fireworks of great favor.
I claim it now.
I believe therefore, I declare.

From crawling on the ground, now the New Year gives me new feet not just to canter but to gallop ahead.
More empowered, more trusted, now ready for the path forward like a strong-willed horse.
True enough best days are coming.

Have a Happier New Year to all of us!

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