Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Of Goodbyes and Hellos -- It's Time Alper

He's a brother, a best friend, a fan and a critic rolled into one.

Alper, I could say, is the best buddy inside and outside workplace. We compliment each other and laugh at the moments when time chased us with trials and pressure especially at work. 

People can see us together most often especially at activities.
Some may say that we we're like twins. 

Good for me for he's obviously good-looking! 
That means that I am too? 
Well, I considered it as flattery and I ended up wishful thinking. Hehehe!

This guy has this light that many people can notice.
Friends will remember him as a good person who is always approachable and willing to assist on any concerns with regards to work. The series of videos of messages from those people can attest to that.

Yes, he left too.
He left me.

He left to soar higher by focusing on a personal business.
He left to focus on expanding his horizons and challenged himself with something bigger and better.

I envy him for such a bold act.
As he is blessed with so many things, he did not forget to share it with us.

So here's one of those series of videos as a tribute to his kindness and unforgettable gimmicks that we had. I'm pretty sure that this goodbye will have more hellos to come.


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Of Goodbyes and Hellos -- Gwyn's Not the Last Time

She's my dear pretty and (shall I say) hot partner in C.R.I.M.E. (Creative Respondents & Innovators of Momentous Events).

We've became friends since we took the center stage as hosts for a Halloween party in Kalsangi. From then on, we were consistent chums and accomplice in almost every corporate event. 

We were like Batman & Robin*. (*pun not intended)

No! We were ice and tea. 
Or two sides of a coin. 
Or a pair of eye glasses. 
But wait, am I getting farther?

Modesty aside, we have created history. 
And the partnership that we have is like a shoe and a shoe lace. (Did I make sense here?)

Well, we too have this common language when it comes to anything.
We have this so-called "Glee Moments"!
We invented that neology.

Well, she left me.
She left because she got sweeter plans. 
Bigger plans. 
Wider plans.
And that's in the name of love.
And beyond.

This video encapsulated her three years of fun-filled memories in Dolefil. Thanks for the friendship and for sharing your talents. This isn't the last time, we'll meet again. God bless you more!

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Of Goodbyes and Hellos -- Jess' Best

If there's somebody who is wacky and at the same time serious, Jess Lapid got the right combo. 

You'll go gaga if you'll get to know this man for you will find hard time realizing if he's a freak or a human possessed with a variety of not-that-annoying skills.

Believe me, he is a nice person and he doesn't bite but that's far as I know. lolz!

Jess and I became close when we worked together as a team for various company events. He's talented and skillful. I admire his great passion for arts and of course, his gigantic love for his family. His sensitivity is superb! Jess is the kind of person whom I can talk with regards to serious matters as he also shares his thoughts on things that evolve and revolve in his life.

Yes. He left.

He left because he wanted to pursue his passion on serving much needy people than I am and I salute him for that. He's one-of-a-kind. He's the kind of person to be missed.

As a tribute to his uniqueness, I had this clip which included messages from people who became so dear to him as well. Caution: this is an eleven-minute video but I can assure you that it's not boring. :)

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Of Goodbyes and Hellos -- Prelude

Let me state a cliche - "People come and go".

In this journey called life, just like change, goodbyes and hellos are inevitable whether we like it or not, whether it's favorable or otherwise. 

It took time for me to establish courage to come up with this post. Or let's just say, the feelings have sinked in. And this time, I'm ready to move on from this kind of loss. 

Let me put it this way, I have lost not just one but three of my dearest buddies at work. 

They have left. 
They have left me.

Somehow, it etched on me a sense of envy for they went off so brave and they readied themselves with the risk on things outside the comfort zone.

If they've acquired peace of mind after doing that, it's only them who can answer.

If they've embrace the freedom to spread their wings and soar higher, it's for them to claim it.

Yes. Their leaving made me pause for a while.

Then, I told myself, "Go on dear fellows! Be happy on your new quests. Time will come that I can also find myself saying goodbye then hello to a new endeavor."   

To Jess, Gwyn & Alper, with the best memories that we had, goodbye is not referring to our fellowship for the last time, it means it's time for more hellos.

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