Thursday, March 24, 2011

Amazing Thailand Trip -- The Wrap-up

Whew! Time flies so fast but the amazing memories that I have on my Thailand trip worth a treasure. I met new friends and learned so many things including Thai language.

So I came up with a simple video to eternalize my experience with my Central Logistics team in Thailand. Kob koon krup also to our dear Dole Thai fellows.

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Learning Basic Thai

I'm beginning to fall in love with Thai language that's why I want to learn more. Who knows this can be my third language...

During our flight to Thailand, I took the chance to copy some basic Thai conversational basics through the airline magazine. Aside from that, I took courage to ask for more Thai basics from our friendly fellows from Thailand.

I've learned that the polite suffix khráp is for men while for women it's khâ. These can and should be attached to all phrases when talking with strangers. The suffix depends solely on the speaker's gender. Also, the pronoun for "I" is phǒm for men and di-chǎn for women. Sounds exciting right? So let me share to you what I've got:

Hello - Sawasdee khrap / Sawasdee kha
Thank you! - Kob koon khrap / Kob koon kha
How are you? - Sabai dee rue?
Fine - Sabai dee
What is your name? - Khunh chue arai?
My name is _____ - Phom cheu _____ / Di-chan cheu _____
Nice to meet you - Yin-dii thii dai ruu-jak
Goodbye  - La gon
Where is ____ ? - Yoo nai?
Hotel - rong-raem
How much does this cost? - Nee tao-rai khrap? / Nee tao-rai kha?
Very expensive - Paeng maag
You are beautiful - Khun-suay / Khun-law
I love you the most in the world - Chan-rak-khun-tee-sud
I cannot speak Thai - Phood Thai mai dai
I can speak only little Thai - Phood Thai dai nit noi
Please speak slowly - Phood cha-cha
Water - Nam
Shirt - Sua
Miss - Nong
Mrs - Nang
Delicious - Aloi
Watch - Nalika
Bag - Krapaw

I found the Thai language very cool to learn. We actually used most of it in many occasion during our visit in Thailand especially when we were introduced to new found friends, when we are on the shopping malls (at night market!), etc.

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Sawasdee Dolethai

Our Thailand trip was a blast! 

We had the opportunity to meet & greet the faces behind the constant email exchanges & the familiar voices in Thai twang over phone calls. The most significant thing for this trip is the bond that we have created even in the limited time spent together with the staff of Dole Thailand. It is the basic thing that we need to develop – the camaraderie that we will be sharing so that it will flourish into a more meaningful partnership that will extend beyond work; a brotherhood so to speak.

Who could have imagined that two different cultures, distinct with each other, can be better as teammates leading towards one goal? Language is not a barrier to foster understanding; instead it’s the key to keep the momentum alive.

Our trip to Dole Thailand offered so many amazing revelations. We learned a lot from their unique perspective of hard work. We have seen how they manage things and how they strategize success. With their tiny gestures of hospitality, we can say that they are easy to get along with, got interesting stories to share and got more ideas to impart.

The trip is not all about whose better or not but it is discovering our best partners in this business. Khaawp khoon khrap!

Here are some of the Thai people whom we cannot forget:
Khun Vicha, for welcoming us in his office
Khun Suphapon, for being so accommodating, she allowed us to taste Crisp & other products!
Khun Jaeb, for being so hospitable, we had a photo holding hands!
Khun Montien, for being so detailed & patient on our plant tour, he allowed us to take some snapshots of the production areas
Khun Kittiya, for introducing Thai foods, she’s my constant seat mate even during meal time
Khun Theerawut, for the Agri tour, he has shown to us the pineapple fields with nets
Khun Nataphong, for being so kind in delivering Crisp & Parfait to our room!
Khun Tipaporn, for teaching us Thai while having dinner, that was very informative, and of course, for paying the lunch at the vineyard!
Khun Yanee, for requesting the driver to stop over for photo opts in the vineyard
Khun Wassana, for being so bubbly and also for teaching us some Thai lessons
Khun Thittiya, for being so charming, I enjoyed the chitchats with you
Khun Areerat, for being so warm, allowing us to know your political side
Khun Aroonsang, for the nice smile during picture taking
Khun Uraiwan, for being so sweet & motherly
Khun Kanya, for allowing us to disturb her during her transition session with Khun Aroonsang
Khun Nibhon, for accommodating us in Chumphon
Khun Ampon, for being so soft-spoken & warm
Khun Sutha, for being so friendly while touring us around the Chumphon plant
Khun Narumit, for the support during our tour
Khun Somboon, for the sweet welcome in Chumphon
Khun Nives, for patiently waiting us until we get done with our purchase in Phantip Mall, for accommodating us in Bangkok
Khun Somkij, for being childlike (matched with mine), we can be brothers & it would be fun! You have now a Filipino name - "Dodong"
Khun Nattawach & Khun Dhiti, for welcoming us during the warehouse tours
Khun Anchalee, for accompanying our ladies wandering inside the Platinum Mall
Khun Pitak, for the advice of fast tracking the discussion so that we can go earlier to the mall
Khun Likit & Khun Sukul, for being so polite & the smiling face, it lightened our mood during our travels
Khun Anuj, for being so helpful & patient as well, you are so cool!
Kevin, now known as Khun Kevin, thanks for everything! I Salute you!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Amazing Thailand Trip -- Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Baiyoke Sky Hotel Bangkok is not only the tallest hotel in Thailand but also in Southeast Asia. It’s strategically located in the heart of Bangkok along some other shopping malls. This 88-storey hotel has a 360 degrees revolving deck overlooking at the colorful city skyline of Bangkok. The top of the observation deck is decorated with colorful LED lights. Aside from its 673 guest rooms, it has also restaurant, bar, boutique and museum. The prestigious hotel is one of the modern tourist attractions in Thailand. Entrance fee is 300 Baht & if you want to enjoy the sumptuous foods at their restaurant, you may pay 900 Baht per head for the buffet. 
At the entrance of Baiyoke Sky Hotel
Baiyoke Sky is a sweet escape in Bangkok
At the lobby
Hot air balloon replica at the museum
The famous Thai bicycle at the museum
The tuktuk at the musem
The old sewing machine at the museum
The river market replica
Thai masks
Rooftop Bar
Enjoying the view from the rooftop bar
Chillin' at the rooftop bar with the free complimentary drinks & popcorn
Rooftop bar's ambiance is perfect for those who are in love
Or even just for hangin' out
At the entrance of the revolving deck
The view from revolving deck
City lights captured at the revolving deck
The Bangkok colorful highway at night as viewed from the revolving deck
Dancing city lights of Bangkok as seen from the revolving deck
Bangkok's super highway viewed from above
Some nearby establishments as seen from the deck
Enjoying the cold air & the magnificent view from the revolving deck
Eye candy LED lights add colors to the revolving deck

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Amazing Thailand Trip -- Wat Huay Mongkol Temple & Elephant Village

We did a quick trip to one of Hua Hin’s tourist destinations, the Wat Huay Mongkol Temple. This temple is a sacred sanctuary to one of Thailand’s prestigious & miracle making monks named Luang Pu Thuat . It was home to the monks who were great witness of his miracles. The temple houses the largest granite statue of Luang Pu Thuat in Thailand. The gigantic figure is reachable by mounting a fleet of stairs.

Souvenir shop at the temple
At the entrance of the temple
One of the magnificent statue at the temple
Tourist & devotees offered flowers & candles
Another temple inside the temple

The gigantic granite statue of Luang Pu Thuat
Quick attempt to reach the top
Beside the giant statue are the two wooden elephants. They are sitting at the foundation of the stairwell that stretched to the statue. We have also seen giant Buddha head inside the temple.
One of the wooden giant elephant statues
Another giant elephant statue on the other side
The giant Buddha head
After spending 30 minutes in the temple, we went straight to the Elephant Village. Excited to see live elephants for the first time, we were almost disappointed since the said village was about to close that time (it’s 25 minutes before six pm). Good thing that the caretaker agreed to our request to have elephant ride even for 15 minutes only which still costs 300 Baht. Then off we went up to the giant platform so that we can hop in to the elephant’s back. It was such a great experience. We just have to extra careful because there were no safety seat-belts at the top of the elephant while we were also busy taking pictures & videos.
Entrance of Elephant Village
To the platform
Elephant ride to the village terrain
Our exciting ride on the 8-year old elephants
Going to the elephant trail
Extra careful in taking photos
One of the major routes on the elephant ride is when we crossed a swamp. At least the elephant were nice and never had tantrums during that moment otherwise we will be dumped into the swamp and will go back to our hotel wet & messy.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Amazing Thailand Trip -- Putahracsa Resort

What made our trip in Hua Hin lovely & exciting is the place where we stayed longer. I would say that nothing beats the coziness and comfort that Putahracsa Resort can offer to their guests. It is a resort with modern contemporary design situated in the residential section of Hua Hin – can be considered as your home by the beach.

Entrance at the seaside building
At the entrance lobby
Man-made pond with koi fishes at the lobby
Entrance to the resort
Bricks wall at the resort entrance

Round rattan hammock at the lobby
The Putahracsa plant at the entrance. According to the staff, Putahracsa is the favorite flower of the king.
The rooms are spacious, Mediterranean inspired, with white walls & verandas equipped with wide sofa bed – perfect factors for relaxation after a hard day’s work or a tour around Hua Hin. In addition to that, for guests who want to freshen up, they can take a dip into their huge infinity pool.

Entrance of the room
Hallway to the rooms
A view at the poolside
At the poolside
Still at the poolside
The hotel rooms
This is my room
Leading to the veranda
My favorite chair

My bed
Going to the bathroom
A view from the veranda of my room
Looking at the pool from the veranda

Got a refreshing dip in the pool
They have free wi-fi internet connection added to the convenience of their guests. They also have café inside the perimeter of the hotel where they serve their buffet breakfast. It has two locations facing each other separated by highway. 

The other part is facing the shore where they have the Oceanside Resto. They also have infinity pool there plus wide beach beds to complete the relaxed holiday mood. Oh! Don’t forget their wide array of delectable food selections & cocktails - you surely can’t wait for another serving.

Going to the Oceanside Beach Club & Restaurant
Entrance of the second building of Putahracsa Hotel going to Oceanside
Poolside beds of the Oceanside's infinity pool
Oceanside infinity pool
Sitting at the glowing chair in the Oceanside Restaurant
The chairs that glow, with lights inside. Cool!
The lovers beds facing the calm sea

Lovely Oceanside restaurant from afar
Painted walls at the Oceanside Beach Club
Cozy dining area, facing the beach, within the shore
Serene beach area decorated with twinkling lights from nearby hotels
One of the foods that you'll surely love
Chillin' with cocktails on the dining area by the beach
 The resort hotel also provides free tuktuk ride if the guest wants to visit nearby spots like the Night Market.
The Putahracsa Hotel version of tuktuk
Tuktuk service for free, going to Night Market
Our stay in Putahracsa is definitely memorable. With warm accommodations from their staff, you just want to stay their all year round if you have no other things to do.

The team, not yet ready to leave the hotel

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