Monday, December 27, 2010

Getting to Know Me from A to Z (2011 edition)

This is my annual ritual -- to check, re-evaluate, re-asses myself through updating a checklist of who's me now (could be beyond also). Read along and you can also create something like this.

Getting to Know me from A to Z (2011 edition)

A          Aethan is my nick name. It evolved from my childhood name given by my dear cousin.
             This name will prevent you from my tongue-twisting first name (from my mother’s witty idea) – ZUNASAR!
B          Budget - I need to enhance my skills on this especially this year & beyond.
C          Colors make me alive and kicking! I considered Caps as my fashion statement.
D          Diabetes is the thing that I should avoid. Mama passed away because of that. :(
            I love Designs, Designing & the like.
E          What energize me more are the Events that i'm handling.
F           Family & Friends are so precious to me… they are my treasures! Financial Freedom is my goal.
G          cool & cute Gifts are my ways of saying that you are special to me.
H          there’s no place like Home and one of my dreams is to have a Home in a beautiful House.
I           I want to be an Inspiration to others.
J          I aim not only for happiness. My goal in life is to find Joy with my craft.
K          being Kulit, Kwela & Kenkoy are the other side of me… but I’m harmless.
L          Love for me is a glory disguised with a risk… it’s for you to take it or never love at all.
M         I usually consider myself as anyone’s Mirror. You’ll see your real self in me if you’re with me.
N          I’m half Naïve & half Narcissistic. It still depends on the weather.
O          Over me is the Lord for He is my strength.
P          I maybe Perfectionist but I’m flexible more often than not. 
            I want to be remembered as the Planner or the Programme expert.
Q          I am but a Quixotic but always try to be down-to-earth. 
            I would love to always ask the Questions.
R          I would love to Recollect precious moments. 
            While Reminiscing, I get mushy.
S          Songs soothe me. I go for variety of music as long as its lyrics are nice.
            Smiles to me are precious depending on its Sincerity.
T          Trust begets Trust that’s why I always take extra effort not to destroy my friends’ Trust to me.
U          If there could only be one person that I want to be with for the rest of my life, 
             he could be somebody who is gifted with the power of Understanding.
V          To be young at all times, I would like to retain Vivacity in me.
W         The Wackier the better. That’s my way of defining things beyond the usual. 
            This is how I define casual.
X          life itself is X-citing no matter how you describe it.
Y          Yearning for a life full of contentment, I should be more responsible & hardworking.
Z          May the Zeal & the Zest be always with me as I unravel the mysteries this life can offer.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

AEthan's Soliloquy

Eating a crunchy apple with my left hand while clicking & scrolling my wireless mouse in my right hand, i'm reading some blogs from anyone in the web. I simply noticed that those people from different spots in the world were just sharing their thoughts through this medium called blogging.

Ting! Why can't i do that too! Instead of talking to myself most of time being alone, i'll let the whole world know what's inside my head. Of course, I'll do some screening too before publishing it here! :)

I've always wanted to have my own blogsite but never had time to make it happen .But just this minute, I gave myself a try on making this blogging stuff happen. 

Must be a perfect timing since Christmas is over and today's holiday here in the Philippines. I'm just doing nothing, spending time alone but wait, as anyone read this, i'm sharing my thoughts to you!   

Right now, I'm thinking of nice-to-eat foods for the New Year's Eve, my father's health condition as he is undergoing hemodialysis, my career, my life. Too many to mention but will find time again to share it one by one.

This is my first blog & I don't want to put everything here for now. No to info overload this time.

Hope to see you more often!

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