Sunday, March 11, 2012

AE Playlist -- Glee Season 3 (A)

I'm a Gleek and that's undeniable!

With the third season of this hit series called Glee, I'm still excited with the twist of its stories and of course with the songs that they are going to feature. That's why on my first entry of the newly created category called AE Playlist, I'm setting off five tracks from the Glee Season 3 Episode 14 - "On My Way".

Aside from having a new spike on the Glee Casts renditions of these songs, I find these songs very inspiring. They actually gave new meaning to it. They've been to my playlist almost a month now and I'm still looking forward for more songs in their next episodes.

Here it is, the first batch of my favorite songs in AE Playlist. Play it on!

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fellowship of the Gods & Goddesses

Have you ever thought of this?
What will happen when the gods & goddesses gather up for an annual event?
Can you imagine a divine activity perhaps?
That time, heads will be shaking because it was an ethereal riot!

The Gods & Goddesses in flesh
Office kadas once again conquered a place one Saturday night for our annual party of thanksgiving and all. I can still recall from the previous years that we were so gaga over our costumes every time we have gatherings like this.We did role playing adapted from famous soap operas like Diyosa & Betty La Fea few years back. Then we had Jamboree-themed get-together. Last year, we did Hawaiian for our Trip-to-Hawaii bash. And this time, we went bizarre as universal life force in the Fellowship of the Gods & Goddesses obviously inspired by the Greek mythology. Beat that!

2009 -- Jamboree
2010 -- Betty La Diyosa
2011 -- Trip To Hawaii

2012 -- Fellowship of the Gods & Goddesses
To be honest, aside from the fun, there's a little pressure for each one of us as the years went by when it comes to costume soiree like this because the participants are getting competitive and better each year. And this year? You bet? All of us transformed into mighty and powerful gods & goddesses! Just too bad, most of us can't recognize who they were that night. But one thing for sure. I was Mercury that time! Tadah! (Wait! Is Mercury a Greek god or Roman? Whatever!)

The Gods & Goddesses up close

Aside from the gala walk, we had games and exchanging of gifts after dark. Not to mention the feast of the gods with matching grapes & apples in the banquet table covered with glittering linens and imaginary elegant candle holders. Of course, the affair is not complete without the uber picture taking here and there. That's why I have created a 5-minute video that can say it all.

Can't wait for our next year's theme. It will be a Disney saga!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Seledon & Melissa -- A Ride-in-a-bike Story

Seledon & Melissa are two good friends of mine. They're getting married in a couple of days from now. I feel so honored to be part of their very momentous day. I feel so honored to be part of their love story.

I'll be sharing with you their story. You can also read this in their site  and in their Facebook page. Here we go:

Seledon & Melissa: A Ride-in-a-bike Story

Theirs may not be considered as a fairy tale. It’s more likely to be called a journey -- a ride-in-a-bike journey so to speak.

They started with different paths –- each searching for a perfect bike with specs that can suit the kind of life they want to explore while discovering fresh things in the fast lane where strangers everywhere can be good friends if not lucky enough to find a perfect match. Just like choosing a bike, there are also significant things to consider in choosing a partner. The looks should be extraordinary, the speed should be outstanding and performance should include excellent fuel efficiency. Either one of them knew that one day the universe conspired and God put these two traveling souls on the spot. They met in a crossroad in a not-so-quite perfect timing while feeling that there’s this single missing part of their own bike that they have to find in order to complete their track.

No one admitted until now that it was love-at-first-sight but there was this certain magic that ignited a certain spark when their eyes first collide. It could be fate that Don was technically asked to be part of Melai’s world. That became somehow a medium to recognize the flicker that each felt when they first bumped into each other. 

It was not easy at first as each of them denied the growing feelings that they have for each other. Don was so naïve that time and never took time to interpret further his feelings while Melai was quite hesitant to proceed because she thought it was just a feeling out of her being vulnerable that moment. 

The journey continued as their feelings were getting stronger. It actually became a pressure because each of them decided to put limitations on it. Each of them thought that one of them should take steps but nobody took enough courage to speak up until they almost determined to put everything in halt. Afraid to take the risk, they thought that it was not healthy anymore to go on and that there was nothing to fight for. Mutually, they almost settled to stay as friends despite of the special feelings they kept inside.

But cupid was pretty smart. He turned an event into something remarkable for them. He made their friends and people around them accessories to a sweet crime. It was Melai’s birthday and she used her bravura to invite Don. Hesitant at first but the gent did not decline the invitation which gave delight to the lady. The event went on spontaneously and at the spur of the moment, these two souls unlocked each mystery of feelings and there was an outburst of emotions like a firework in the starry sky that night. 

And it was just the beginning of the ride. At their start-up, it was not a smooth run. Each of them was learning how to maneuver a new bike with switches and panels unfamiliar to both of them. They passed some humps and bumps like a roller coaster ride and took patience for few detours. There were times when they need to stop over while waiting for the weather to be fair enough to move on. While there were uphill on their road, they face every down steps together and fought hitch that came along their way. There were times of frustrations and disappointing moments but they were ripened by time and seasoned with real love for each other. 

Thought it’s a no joyride all the time, they enjoyed the adventure, grew together and savor every change gears while running along the stretch of a zigzag route. Though it was not easy, it was an all-sweat journey they have been into. At times when their feelings were all in tear, they always have spare parts to fill in the gap. And their drive went on miles respecting each road signs and made their way until they have finally decided to be in one bike for life.

As they face the continuation of their journey with a whole new trail, with God and their love are their fuel to move on to the next challenging trip where at the end of each day, they can embrace each other and  take pleasure in facing life full of happiness. In full gear, they both release the clutch, this time of their own bike. Seledon & Melissa are now ready to take another stroke smiling, HAPPY AS ONE.

>> Bon Aserios of OneHappyStory for the awesome photos
>> Happy As One for the very nice experience

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Friday, March 2, 2012

AE Lit -- Siyang Paru Paro (by Hannah Yuga)

It's very flattering to know that there are Pipol who appreciate AEthanoscopy and who are willing to contribute and share their own thoughts in this blogspot. I have just created a new category of this blog called AE Lit wherein Literary pieces will be featured. It may be personal composition, excerpts from reading materials, movies and/or songs and/or valuable pieces shared by friends.

This time, a new office friend, Ms. Hannah Yuga, happily informed me that she wanted to share her very nice Tagalog poem. And it was gladness that i felt! I know many of us can relate to this literary piece from a young, energetic and talented lady who is a Food Technologist from UP Diliman and is now part of the dynamic Dolefil Quality Assurance team as an Auditor. Please scroll down below and be captivated on her way of putting brilliant brainwork in her poem.

Siyang Paru Paro 
Hannah Yuga

Paru parong mailap
kailan magpapahagilap?
talulot na namangha sa taglay mong kulay
at mga kakaibang pananaw sa buhay
kakatuwa ang pagsabay mo sa ihip ng hangin
kakakirot na ika'y di dapat salangin
ang iyong pagtalon talon sa mga bulaklak
di maging dahilan ng iyong pagsalpak
ang pagkaakit sa kanilang halimuyak
binura ang puso mong dati'y payak?
taglay ang iyong malayang pag-iisip
kailan mapapansin ang talulot na alay
bakit di subukan ang halimuyak na taglay
nang kalungkutan mo'y unti-unting mahimlay?
ngiti mo paruparu, isang regalong nais
ngunit bakit may daplis ng pagtangis?
kailan babalik ang dalisay na saya
mula sa puso mong inagawan ng laya
ng utak na lubos na mapanuri
hanggang kailan mo mithing maging hari?
naway di masunog sa sinag ng araw
kabataan mo't buhay di tuluyang maagaw
naway di maabutan ng takipsilim
o di kaya ng langit na makulimlim
bago ika'y muling bumalik
sa bulaklak na may wagas na halik
nawa'y isantabi ang pagkayamot
tigilan ang walang sawang pakikihamok
sa katotohanang binabanggang parang bato
ng kaalamang di lubusang makontento

Like Hannah, you too can share your creative pieces in my blog if you don't have time to create a blogspot of your own. Just email me and let your other cool side be heard and be recognized.

* Ms. Hannah Yuga for this wonderful poem that you have shared. Keep rockin' girl!

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