Thursday, March 24, 2011

Learning Basic Thai

I'm beginning to fall in love with Thai language that's why I want to learn more. Who knows this can be my third language...

During our flight to Thailand, I took the chance to copy some basic Thai conversational basics through the airline magazine. Aside from that, I took courage to ask for more Thai basics from our friendly fellows from Thailand.

I've learned that the polite suffix khráp is for men while for women it's khâ. These can and should be attached to all phrases when talking with strangers. The suffix depends solely on the speaker's gender. Also, the pronoun for "I" is phǒm for men and di-chǎn for women. Sounds exciting right? So let me share to you what I've got:

Hello - Sawasdee khrap / Sawasdee kha
Thank you! - Kob koon khrap / Kob koon kha
How are you? - Sabai dee rue?
Fine - Sabai dee
What is your name? - Khunh chue arai?
My name is _____ - Phom cheu _____ / Di-chan cheu _____
Nice to meet you - Yin-dii thii dai ruu-jak
Goodbye  - La gon
Where is ____ ? - Yoo nai?
Hotel - rong-raem
How much does this cost? - Nee tao-rai khrap? / Nee tao-rai kha?
Very expensive - Paeng maag
You are beautiful - Khun-suay / Khun-law
I love you the most in the world - Chan-rak-khun-tee-sud
I cannot speak Thai - Phood Thai mai dai
I can speak only little Thai - Phood Thai dai nit noi
Please speak slowly - Phood cha-cha
Water - Nam
Shirt - Sua
Miss - Nong
Mrs - Nang
Delicious - Aloi
Watch - Nalika
Bag - Krapaw

I found the Thai language very cool to learn. We actually used most of it in many occasion during our visit in Thailand especially when we were introduced to new found friends, when we are on the shopping malls (at night market!), etc.


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