Monday, December 31, 2012

Year 2012: A Quick Glance

Year 2012 is just the start of my days!

Colorful. Dramatic. Resonating. Awesome. Brilliant. Spectacular.

Call it beginner's luck but I'm claiming that the year that was is just the start of something better, real bigger and cooler episodes that I could ever think of as I move forward.

This year has driven me crazy with a whole new things that ever happened to me. It was overwhelming but it's on the good side of it.

Taking into account that my beloved father went home with the Lord in heaven, there are so many blessings rushing into my way. In fact, I and my two other sisters became closer now. We always made to a point that we will be there for each other and we will enjoy life together whenever we have enough resources to sustain. This year, we had our first ever family vacation in Cebu and Bohol. Papa should have been with us but we enjoyed the summer and made a pact that from then on, we should have at least one getaway each year.

Now I know the real meaning of this: "When God closes the door, He opens the window" . And not only a single window, but a bunch of windows with wider openings than a single door. It's totally amazing.

In 2012, my creative skills were tested and sharpened in various ways. I got compensated which is amusing and I feel good about it. I got noticed by many which gives me chills up to now. And the big leap which is related to that is the birth of a simple business endeavor with dear friends at work. Did I hear somebody say, "Piktyur Piktyur!" ?

In 2012, I was formally introduced to a new world - the cooperative. In DECCO, I did not only get the chance to travel across South-Central Mindanao, I also got this new kind of empowerment from the backbones of the organization. They have entrusted me various projects. Some of which were already accomplished with flying colors while some of it are still ongoing. I also got the chance to practice my public speaking talents since I am also part of their team of training facilitators. True enough, my experience with them is rewarding.
In 2012, my career path made a turning point. I have finally decided to leave my comfort zone and embraced new environment, a new culture. This time, I meet new people, new personalities and of course different challenges ahead. I have finally realized that I need to expand my horizon and check my worth as a professional.

The greatest thing that happened to me in 2012 is something that always makes me smile. Finally after the long search and longing, I have renewed my relationship with my Creator, my Lord, my Savior. Now I'm considering myself as a baby Christian who is so curious to know Him more. I want to get closer to Him. Good to note that together with my journey on strengthening my relationship with God, I have met my new-found brothers. These are the people which I don't biologically have and I'm so glad that I have them, getting to know them better. I feel so secured that I have people to lean on when I am tested with my faith. I'm looking forward to more bonding moments and fellowships with these cool bro's.  

I'm always thankful to God for He is always blessing me with more than enough, more than enough to survive the test of times. I am so moved with His love. I am so thankful that 2012 brought me a lot of reasons to be delightful. I know that there are more reasons to celebrate. I believe that this year has prepared me for huge milestones ahead of my way.  God is with me.

Just like after the shedding of a snake, I am now ready to conquer the year 2013: Bolder, Better and Wiser!

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Before They Let Me Go

Series of Goodbyes
I am so loved. I can feel it.

When my countdown to goodbye started, friends from all over the office came to me and asked confirmation from me if I am leaving Dole. After hearing my piece, I received sincere remarks from them and they made me feel that they are happy for me.

It's good to know that people care. It's flattering that they will also miss me and my presence during the usual gatherings. There were times that sadness came in to me. I can't help it. I've been with this people for almost a decade now and the memories that we spent together were already etched in my heart. Sometimes I just felt that I'm dying and taking my last few breaths so I need to spent last precious moments with them.

So there we go. Each "team" planned for send-off parties for me. I was kinda shocked at first because I never thought that they'll do that for me. I don't even find myself worthy of something like that. What happened then was a series of send-off gatherings which made me feel so much special to these people.

Group of people from Dolefil Logistics took the first move. At first they told me that it's just going to be a simple "bibingka and biko" night. I just thought that it was just as casual as those foods. They were laughing and teasing me. Only to find out that they will going to take me out for a pizza and pasta dinner plus a coffee fellowship later. What an extravagant surprise! And not only that, they brought me some presents that I couldn't refuse - my favorite things: a Cap and a Bag! They know my taste and I love them for that!

Despidida from Dolefil Logistics - First Pack
Next stop was with my wacky and hilarious friends. We first went to have a 5D experience at SM then we feast on the foods of Tong Yang. To complete the night of fun, we had our videoke session til we drop. T'was a night full of singing, dancing and laughter to the max - those were the things that we haven't done for the past year.

Theme: Before I Let You Go
Another small get-together-slash-goodbye-dinner for me was with my dear friend Melai and Ledon plus Trisha and Cindy. T'was an intimate dinner and fun chitchats and updates over delicious foods and coffee later. It was so nice catching things up with friends like them.

Melai with Trisha, Cindy and Ledon
Final week came and the whole Dolefil Logistics team revealed that they have prepared a mini send-off snacks for me. It was a pleasant surprise again. All of us were gathered in a smaller conference room in the pavilion just like any birthday gathering. I will surely miss that thing and that room as well. A special pasta (I forgot the name) was served during that afternoon.

Mini Send-off Party from Dolefil Logistics
Time came in for the Central Logistics team to give me an ultimate send-off dinner. What made this gathering extra special is that our ex-pat Director flew all the way from Manila just to be there on my final day. That was very touching. They actually made me cry with their speeches. I never thought that there were a lot of good things they have to say for me. I was overwhelmed. They gave me a black varsity jacket - it's something that I wanted to have.

Central Logistics' Farewell
Final day arrived and it was Friday. After farewell has been sent to all with flying kisses and teary eyes, another group of close friends at the office throw a party at our house. It was so nice of them for they have prepared a program for that night. That's one thing I never expected them to initiate. With matching big screen and an LCD projector, heartwarming songs were sung for me plus they have created a video for me. To top it all, we also have a photo booth. Speeches were offered and they made me cry a river. It was truly unforgettable. It gave me a heavy heart to end that night. 

They also gave me a special present. Without me knowing, it's been a week since they have been collecting messages written in colorful papers from almost all the people in the office. They collaborated it all and formed a huge scrapbook covered with my favorite Dexter's laboratory character. I was so impressed.

Feathers and Blues
I will surely miss you guys. Thanks for the gift of friendship and to the inspiration you have given me. My memory bank will be filled with happy thoughts. You are always cherished. God bless you! I love you all. Till then...

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Of Goodbyes and Hellos -- My Turn To Move Forward

I know it's coming but did not expect it to be that soon - it's my turn to move.

Just like pages of books, there will come a point to end a chapter and start a new one and this is it. 

For the past seven (7) years, Dole became my second home, my comfort zone, an abundant blessing. 
I've met a lot of people with different lights, of various sizes, colors and shapes. It made me richer when it comes to friends and allies. 

I've met my office 'kadas (barkadas or friends) who, in one way or another, influenced my way of thinking. The people around contributed to my growth as a professional and as an individual. Each of them inspired me to be good and become better and better each day. I just hope that at some point of my stay there, I also inspired them with my own simple ways. I just want to make a revelation: I always look forward to come to the office everyday because I feel that I am always welcome with their sincere smiles and the way people interact with me. I'm going to miss those things.

Dole has recognized me and my talents. That's just one of those many reasons why I'm so thankful to this company. The company has put its trust on me to handle huge events. Although those were overwhelming, I and the team managed to deliver outstanding jobs with grace under pressure. It's just good to know that the support is always there. I've had my partners in C.R.I.M.E. (Creative Respondents and Innovators of Momentous Events). This is the kind of crime that I want to do over and over again. 

I can still remember the time during my final interview with the big bosses there. Someone asked me, "How do you see yourself three or five years from now? " With full  enthusiasm, I answered him with this: " I want to be somebody who is an authority of something. That when people talks about that something, the first thing that they can think of is my name." Now, I hope that I gave justice to what I have said during that day. I hope that when people there will talk about something that is good, the first thing that crosses their mind is ME and I will feel not only flattered but will be very honored.

I left Dole happy and proud. I brought with me the most cherished memories and the valuable learnings that made me equipped and shielded. I'm keeping them all in my treasure chest wherever I may be.

"Thank you" is an understatement. It would be appropriate for me to say " I love you all!"
If there will come a time that our roads will cross again, I'm pretty sure that it would be another exciting chapter of my life.

This video is a tribute to my Dole family. Thank you everyone for making my Dole experience spectacular.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Of Goodbyes and Hellos -- It's Time Alper

He's a brother, a best friend, a fan and a critic rolled into one.

Alper, I could say, is the best buddy inside and outside workplace. We compliment each other and laugh at the moments when time chased us with trials and pressure especially at work. 

People can see us together most often especially at activities.
Some may say that we we're like twins. 

Good for me for he's obviously good-looking! 
That means that I am too? 
Well, I considered it as flattery and I ended up wishful thinking. Hehehe!

This guy has this light that many people can notice.
Friends will remember him as a good person who is always approachable and willing to assist on any concerns with regards to work. The series of videos of messages from those people can attest to that.

Yes, he left too.
He left me.

He left to soar higher by focusing on a personal business.
He left to focus on expanding his horizons and challenged himself with something bigger and better.

I envy him for such a bold act.
As he is blessed with so many things, he did not forget to share it with us.

So here's one of those series of videos as a tribute to his kindness and unforgettable gimmicks that we had. I'm pretty sure that this goodbye will have more hellos to come.


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Of Goodbyes and Hellos -- Gwyn's Not the Last Time

She's my dear pretty and (shall I say) hot partner in C.R.I.M.E. (Creative Respondents & Innovators of Momentous Events).

We've became friends since we took the center stage as hosts for a Halloween party in Kalsangi. From then on, we were consistent chums and accomplice in almost every corporate event. 

We were like Batman & Robin*. (*pun not intended)

No! We were ice and tea. 
Or two sides of a coin. 
Or a pair of eye glasses. 
But wait, am I getting farther?

Modesty aside, we have created history. 
And the partnership that we have is like a shoe and a shoe lace. (Did I make sense here?)

Well, we too have this common language when it comes to anything.
We have this so-called "Glee Moments"!
We invented that neology.

Well, she left me.
She left because she got sweeter plans. 
Bigger plans. 
Wider plans.
And that's in the name of love.
And beyond.

This video encapsulated her three years of fun-filled memories in Dolefil. Thanks for the friendship and for sharing your talents. This isn't the last time, we'll meet again. God bless you more!

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Of Goodbyes and Hellos -- Jess' Best

If there's somebody who is wacky and at the same time serious, Jess Lapid got the right combo. 

You'll go gaga if you'll get to know this man for you will find hard time realizing if he's a freak or a human possessed with a variety of not-that-annoying skills.

Believe me, he is a nice person and he doesn't bite but that's far as I know. lolz!

Jess and I became close when we worked together as a team for various company events. He's talented and skillful. I admire his great passion for arts and of course, his gigantic love for his family. His sensitivity is superb! Jess is the kind of person whom I can talk with regards to serious matters as he also shares his thoughts on things that evolve and revolve in his life.

Yes. He left.

He left because he wanted to pursue his passion on serving much needy people than I am and I salute him for that. He's one-of-a-kind. He's the kind of person to be missed.

As a tribute to his uniqueness, I had this clip which included messages from people who became so dear to him as well. Caution: this is an eleven-minute video but I can assure you that it's not boring. :)

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Of Goodbyes and Hellos -- Prelude

Let me state a cliche - "People come and go".

In this journey called life, just like change, goodbyes and hellos are inevitable whether we like it or not, whether it's favorable or otherwise. 

It took time for me to establish courage to come up with this post. Or let's just say, the feelings have sinked in. And this time, I'm ready to move on from this kind of loss. 

Let me put it this way, I have lost not just one but three of my dearest buddies at work. 

They have left. 
They have left me.

Somehow, it etched on me a sense of envy for they went off so brave and they readied themselves with the risk on things outside the comfort zone.

If they've acquired peace of mind after doing that, it's only them who can answer.

If they've embrace the freedom to spread their wings and soar higher, it's for them to claim it.

Yes. Their leaving made me pause for a while.

Then, I told myself, "Go on dear fellows! Be happy on your new quests. Time will come that I can also find myself saying goodbye then hello to a new endeavor."   

To Jess, Gwyn & Alper, with the best memories that we had, goodbye is not referring to our fellowship for the last time, it means it's time for more hellos.

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Monday, September 3, 2012

S3x Tour 4 -- Foreplay at the Dolefil Pineapple Fields

SEx Tour Participant Bloggers at Dolefil Pineapple Fields
It spells fun! The Soccsksargen Experience Tour (SEx Tour) for Bloggers 4 did it's first halt at Polomolok, South Cotabato. Call it the Foreplay at Dolefil's pineapple fields. 

After having their first lunch at Kalsangi Clubhouse, the bloggers from the different parts of the Philippines surrendered themselves to the humps and bumps and the roller-coaster ride heading towards the fields where they experienced the taste of the sweet and fresh pineapples courtesy of Dole Philippines, Inc. With some quickie introduction by their field tour guide Sir Doming, the bloggers also got the chance to try to handpick their chosen fruits from the pineapple plant itself. Also demonstrated to them how to slice the fresh pines and eat it just using their mouths and hands (wink!). 

SEx Tour participant bloggers at Club Kalsangi
Bloggers got hooked up with the first fun Orgy

Blogger Don from Manila giggling at his tiny Pine
Ivy from Davao can't help it, she was so amazed with this cute round pine!
Norman from Cebu can't control himself with his fresh picked pine

Mark from Cebu enjoying his lust for juicy and fresh pineapple. It's slurpy!

Here's the clip of the foreplay and hear what the bloggers said about the bountiful pineapple fields of Dolefil.

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S3x Tour 4 -- Meet the Bloggers

The fourth installment of Soccsksargen EXperience Tour (SEx Tour) for bloggers is set to be Bigger, Better and Bolder as the participants from the different parts of the Philippines will conquer 3 cities and 3 provinces in one orgy!

SEx Tour 4 is a 5-day fun-loaded activities that runs from September 1-5, 2012. Bloggers from Manila, Cebu, Iloilo and Davao are all set as well to experience new high to the new destinations and all. 

This year's itinerary can surely tickle the bloggers' excitement and can enhance their lust on Soccsksargen's rich tourists' destinations and diversified way of life. The foreplay is at Dolefil's Pineapple fields then at the SM City Gensan Supermarket. Day two is a wet and wild experience in Sarangani. The third day is pumping and swinging activities at Tacurong and Koronadal City. The heights of ecstacy is at day four at South Cotabato and the climax is at Gensan's Tuna Festival.

Without much ado, let's welcome the SEx Tour 4 participants.

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