Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Sheng's Campaign

Thirty days ago, I have posted a sort of campaign for the pictures to be used in the birthday video for my friend Sheng. And people never failed me. They have sent in special photos that can make Sheng smile.Special mention to her bestfriend Jang who took the privilege to send in first some of the never been seen photos of her. Thank you guys for cooperating with me!

Now it's high time to publish the humble video from yours truly especially "created" for the birthday girl Sheng. Hope this can make her day!

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My Friends Got Babies

Time flies so fast or is it I who is so slow? 

It seems like yesterday that we, a group of young dreamers, were heading to school with our backpacks and T-squares clinging at our shoulders, basking under the heat of the sun inside the premise of our desert-like university. And look at us now, I mean, look at them now. They're married and my friends got babies! I'm not saying that I would like to have one now but I am just so amazed that they got their own kids out from their own flesh & blood.

Almost two years ago, these two college buddies of mine got married in the same month.  Edwin (Pikoi) exchanged vows to Ann while Mecias (Ciasie) said "I Do" to Ruth. I was one of their groom's men, of course!

And a year ago, the wives of these same guys gave birth to these little angels named Josh & AJ. Josh is a little Edwin just take a look at the eyes and dimples while AJ looks like his dad Mecias especially the lips. They are celebrating their birthdays this month. These babies are definitely adorable! By the way, I am their "ninong", of course! 

Was it fate or merely coincidence? It could be a wild idea that these new generation can build the next generation together. It would be very cute that they'll end up as the next couple. That is something that we'll look forward years from now.

Time flies so fast and I can't help myself but smile. I still just can't believe that the school boys fellows are now full pledge daddies. Yeah, I still can't help myself but smile. :)

Here are the birthday videos for these little angels.

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AE Pipol -- Alner Fernandez

Cool. This must be the first word to ever describe this friend of mine. The way he talks, the way he moves and even the way he thinks - he can be a very good example of a man who exudes coolness. 

By the way, did I say successful? The way I see it, his being cool made him now a person who is reaping success in all angle. 

He is also a family man, who at young age encountered life's bitter-sweet moments of having a child then later children of three. I have to mention that he has a beautiful wife and his kids are lovely.

Apart from his influences on me, I owe him much respect when he taught me how to shave my mustache. It may sound funny but that act moved me. Since then, when i hear of shaves, I can link that thing to him. Truly he is my mentor.

I've known this guy for over half a decade now. He is a revelation that one can be cool and successful at the same time.

For his birthday, I couldn't wish him more with happiness because he could be swimming with it. Instead, I wish him more blessings for him to share more with others. 

Thanks for the friendship Alner!

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AE Pipol -- Oh-August Girl-friends

August is another special month especially for some of my girl-friends who celebrate their birthdays on this rainy month. Allow me to introduce them to you.

Roselyn Gayo: Aug 14
     - I gave her the name "Endhey". It's our slang version of "Inday", a common Filipino name. She's one of my first friends in the workplace. I've known little about her way back kindergarten days because their house is located near to my school. She loves dancing and she's a good cook. She also loves travelling. We're constant lunch mates. We went to many places, including the Baguio Escape and Wandering Vigan series, together with other friends. She has a boyfriend whom we call "Tito". I bet she's waiting on something that might happen soon. My wish for her is that she may have a life that she always wanted - happy, convenient and contented.

Armida Malinao: Aug 20
     - "Mhidz" is also a dear friend of mine. She's one of my lunch buddies and also my breakfast classmate. Not to mention, my snacks provider and my idle time manager. We laugh together and we talk a lot. She's also one of the cast of our Vig-Bag Escape and some of our other getaways. She's a bit "kikay" and a whole lot of "clumsy" but what else I can do? She's my friend! My wish for her: she may have more courage in facing life. (serious huh!)

Rosalie Ligtas: Aug 8
     - She's "Ate Aling" to the group. The flower provider. She has this collection of flowers that many of us envy. What's so good about her is that she's approachable and very appreciative. I always thank her for believing in my skills and respecting my capacities. Given that, she'll always be a good sister-at-work to me.

Beth Parcon:  Aug 25
     - She's the famous "Ate Beth", who is managing the Kalsangi Clubhouse. She always invites me to take part of the events that she's handling. Her trust for my skills are highly appreciated. Whenever I have visitors, she's always ready to answer my requests to accommodate them at the clubhouse. What's so good about being her friend is that you can always enjoy the perks at the club including the first hand information of the upcoming activities there. My wish for her is that may she continue to enjoy life while sharing its joys to others, of course, that includes me! :)

It's so nice to have many girl-friends especially if all of their birthdays are just in the same month! Love the treats!

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Hello Rain

Rainy days bring back nostalgic moments. As I scanned my inbox, I found out one of my "friendster" blogs which was written way back five years ago. Oh, I went on a little mushy until I have decided to (re)post it. Here we go.

Rainy Days are Here Again

i really wonder why… 
everytime heavens pelt down Scotch mist
 i can’t help myself but to miss my peers.

i miss that someone whom i shared my deep thoughts with… 
twas raining that night

i miss that somebody whom i revealed part of myself 
while it’s raining a bit…

i miss that fellow i used to play a boardgame with 
while sipping hot choco in a rainy afternoon…

i miss that buddy who gave a shoulder to cry on in a stormy midnight…

i miss that gang that conquered almost every hour with our laughter…
with or without rain

i miss those chit chats with a dear friend 
beneath a candle lamp in a gloomy rainy night…

i miss my study-mates who wake up early rainy dawn 
to catch the exam 3 hours from then…

hey, i miss that after-class-walk-in-the-park 
with umbrella on my other hand with…whew!

hmmmm… rainy days are here again…
and i can’t get enough of my list
of those peeps that i’m missin’ …
when rainy days are here again…

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Share Pix for Sheng's Bday Vid

30 days from now, it's the birthday of a friend named Sheng. She's one of my officemates who is so bubbly and friendly. She may be short for her age but her dreams are big.

On her special day, the office kada's decided to give her a special treat that she deserves. That's why we came up with a campaign that can boost Sheng just to make her realize more that she is loved, cared and valued by her friends & loved ones. 

So here it is! We are inviting everyone to share and send pictures of Sheng. These pictures will be collected and will be used for her one-of-a-kind birthday video which will be posted also in the net. Make sure that the pictures that you'll be sharing depict her personality. It would be also cool if you put some captions on it. And it would be best if you can suggest a song that can be used for her video.

You may send the pictures and/or songs to me: aethan_yting@yahoo.com

So send in tons of photos now and let's make Sheng's birthday truly special!

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