Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sinulog de Bula In Action

The main entrance of Barangay Bula, Gen. Santos

"Sinulog! I-syagit og Kusog! Pit Senyor! Pit Senyor! Tanan magsa-ulog! Hah!"

I can't help it. Every time I remember my experience in one of the merriest fiesta in Gensan, the Sinulog theme song is giving me LSS.

Yes! The Sinulog version of Brgy. Bula in Gensan is one of the most anticipated celebration in the city. It's fun-filled, splashy, big feed, traffic and loud. 

One of the decoration on one of the houses there

On my fourth year, my experience has never been this exciting as it was my first time to join the fluvial parade. I and my friends traveled so early in the morning from Polomolok to catch the dawn mass as the kick-off for their much awaited festival. Inside the church, there were lots of Sto. Niño images of various shapes and sizes placed in front of the altar. After the mass, we hurriedly proceed to our friends house to change clothing fit for the fluvial parade. We then rode to a smaller boat before hopping in to the bigger one. It was simply amazing! Being one of those many people who joined the parade in the sea is like a fairytale came true. I was like a seafarer for a grand voyage along with many sea crafts and pirates of the Caribbean. After almost an hour of cruising, we then jumped-off to the smaller boats and brought ourselves to the shores of Queen Tuna Park and proceeded to our next activity -- attacking the banquet!

A mass of cute Sto. Nino's in front of the altar of Bula Church
Locals of the barangay
A quick but heart-stopping ride on a smaller boat
The seafarers of the fluvial parade
The festive fluvial parade
The colorful streets of Barangay Bula, inviting the guests to celebrate the fiesta
It was now proven that this house is open for all :)
At night, we went back to their church to be one with the devotees who lit candles and offered prayers. Of course, the celebration was not complete without joining their own version of disco the Sinulog way; wherein all people danced their way to the heart pumping beat of the theme song with lots of yelling, cheering and merrymaking! Despite of the pouring sweats, the mood was stirred up for a real festivity and it was very contagious.

Hundreds of devotees flocked to light candles and offer prayers
Merrymaking at the Sinulog de Bula. Hah!
It was another blast so to speak and the Sinulog de Bula has once again never failed me. I'll sure comeback again next year.

Happy Sinulog Barangay Bula!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Ukay-ukay Day

Who said that Ukay-ukay shopping can be fun? 

I do!

There are lots of stuff you can see and buy in the ukay-ukay store. It offers a wide selection of items from shoes, bags, shirts, pants, jackets, even undies and some thingamajigs. Minus the airconditioned spaces, ukay-ukay items have lower prices as compared to what you can buy from the big shopping malls. Aside from that, most of the items from the ukay-ukay stalls were imported used clothings so it is advised to wash them properly before using them. Actually, some fellows soak these things using hot water before doing the regular washing. And as its name implied, you have to jumble the items from a bulk of choices in search for the best one that will fit and suit your fashion. I also call this "a challenging shopping"! You need also to use your luck and charm in dealing with the place, the mountain of items, the buyers and the vendors as well.

One day, I and my friends decided to test our luck in finding some things to be used for our costumes for a party. We headed to GenSan Ukay-ukay. And the fun never stopped as we entered the maze of ukay-ukay wonders. Hala bira!


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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hinugyaw's Piyesta Korona -- Koronadal City's New Festival Brand

"Kanami Koronadal!" -- This is how the Koronadaleños greet each other during the 12th Hinugyaw Festival and the city’s 72nd Foundation Anniversary. 

"Hinugway Festival has its own brand and identity!" - Mayor Peter Miguel  
Despite of the drizzle that early morning, a blast of festive mood reverberated in the entire city as they started their culmination day with the civic parade. This was followed by the open Drumline Competition which was participated by elementary and high school students from Koronadal City and its neighboring municipalities. Both a blessing and a test, the rain that poured that day also became the witness of how the people of the city celebrated their very own festival with pride and glee.

Eugenio Ranada Elementary School (Polomolok) bagged the First Prize for Elementary Category
Christian School of Polomolok went home as the Champions for High School Category
The crowned beauties of 2012 Hinugyaw Festival

The SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers were so privileged to be part of the guest list. During the festival luncheon, we were also lucky to have an up-close-and-personal chat with Koronadal City Mayor Peter Miguel who also happened to be the Festival Director of Hinugway 2012. He gave us primer on the major highlight of the event which happened that night. He's so proud of their very own festival and excitedly revealed to us their plan of promoting Piyesta Korona as their unique brand. They wanted to be labeled as the Crown City since Korona (crown) exactly fits their city's name which is Koronadal. The Koronadal City is a sprawling community at the foothills of the surrounding mountain ranges that give a perfect illusion of a crown jewel set at the bed of a landlocked crater.

Projecting the Koronodal Sign. from left to right: Ms. Lynette (Sox Blogger), Sir Avel (Sox Blogger), Mr. Francis Sablon (Asst. Festival Director), Mayor Peter Miguel, Dr. Remo Aguilar (Sox Blogger), Aethan (Sox Blogger), Arze (Sox Blogger), Nanardx (Sox Blogger)

Piyesta Korona is composed of three major events combined in one grandiose evening -- their own version of Mardi Gras, an open street dancing competition and the Disco sa Kalye and Foam Party. The event became highly anticipated as this was formulated to be the most extravagant segment of the whole festival stretch.

The Mardi Gras was set to showcase the craftsmanship and the creativity of the Koronadaleños. Using any materials, this individual contest also became the photographers' delight as each participant flaunted their colorful festival costumes matched with their marvelous creations of crowns and all the props. There were thirty (30) participants who invaded the ramp that night. Winners took home "wow" worth of prizes aside from the prestige.

The amazing beauties of Piyesta Korona Mardi Gras
The winners of Mardi Gras with Mayor Peter Miguel
The Grand Prize Winner for Mardi Gras with the Sox Bloggers
The Street Dancing was an open competition. Nine contingents shown off different styles of routines including breathtaking stunts, artistic costumes and intensely hued props that focused on the main element - korona or crown. Each group has also it's own float bearing their own crown royalties as well.

Notre Dame of Sto. Nino bagged both the Grand Prize for Piyesta Korona Queen and for the Street Dancing Competition

The Disco sa Kalye and Foam Party is an annual habit during the culmination night. This took place at the last part of the show right after the fireworks and the proclamation of winners. This is open for public wherein the portions of the whole span of the major street of the city was filled with huge sound boxes and disco lights -- truly defined merrymaking.

True enough, Piyesta Korona is uniquely Koronadal. That very night, with its thrillingly beautiful production numbers, the sounds, the beat, the colors, the fireworks and the mood, it became the city's official brand of festival. Very impressive, it's another Mindanaoan's pride. 

Kanami Koronadal! Kanami gid!

a) Hon. Peter B. Miguel, MD, FPSO-HNS - Koronadal City Mayor and Hinugyaw Festival Director
b) Francis Sablon - Asst. Festival Director
c) Judith Amido - Chairperson
d) Carlo Ebeo - Curator / Artistic Director
e) Avel Manansala - Sox Bloggers founder
f) Lynette Gallinero - Sox Blogger
g) Dr. Remo Aguilar - Sox Blogger
h) Arze Garcera - Sox Blogger
i) Nanrdx Zee - Sox Blogger 
j) Cresta Del Rio Splash Resort

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