Thursday, October 27, 2011

“Burp” Experience with Pizza Hut Tuscani

The new Pizza Hut Tuscani Pizzas

Pizza Hut revealed its new set of pizzas that everyone will surely love. The Tuscani pizzas have freshly made thinner crusts with fuller flavor. Imagine the crust that is soft inside and slightly crispy on the outside – way different from the other thin crust pizza brands.

This comes with five exciting, tasty flavors to indulge with: Supremo, Premium All Meat, Gourmet BBQ Chicken, 3-Cheese Bacon & Spinach and my favorite Roast Beef. They are all available in two sizes: Medium (10 inches) and Super Family (14 inches).

Best for pizza fanatics, it has a power cast of 9 choice toppings - beef, black olives with garlic and olive oil roasted bell peppers, Italian sausage, mozzarella cheese, onions, parmesan, pepperoni, and smoked ham.

Premium All Meat
This is a meat-lovers delight. Name it: bacon, beef, Italian sausage, pepperoni, salami, and smoked ham topped on mozzarella and parmesan cheese layer with premium tomato sauce. It's a complete treat!

Gourmet BBQ Chicken
It’s a Chicken pizza like no other. A complete feast of BBQ chicken with honey BBQ sauce, marinated chicken, olive oil roasted bell peppers and red onion.

3-Cheese Bacon & Spinach
A cheese galore that is so flavorful. Another gourmet pizza with spinach, bacon with béchamel sauce and a multi-layer of most loved cheeses – parmesan, cheddar and mozzarella.

Roast Beef
It’s really an eye-candy with its garlic steak sauce drizzles in crosshatch design. A perfect combo of premium roast beef and shiitake mushrooms with cheddar and mozzarella cheeses and premium tomato sauce.

Pizza Hut’s latest flavors Tuscani are must-try. You can’t get enough with just single slice. You’ll be craving for more! 

No wonder this became the latest favorite of Ms. Universe 3rd Princess Shamcey Supsup, another GenSan’s pride and the latest indorser of Pizza Hut, the home to the country's pinaka-pizza.

Shamcey Supsup, the endorser of Pizza Hut Tuscani Pizzas
True enough, Pizza Hut Tuscani spells the word “burp”!

Burp! Excuse me...

My "Burp" experience with Sox Bloggers
* Mr. Jasper Baracca, Restaurant Manager of Pizza Hut KCC Mall of Gensan, for the "burp" accommodation
* Sox Bloggers, headed by Sir Avel Manansala, for another "burp" experience
* Dimple Dulay for the photos

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Preparing for the 35th National Milo Marathon in GenSan

The 35th National Milo Marathon Kit

Tadah! A pleasant surprise was handed to me by my friend earlier this afternoon. It was a short brown envelope printed with "IMPORTANT REMINDER" in bold, all-capital letters. All I thought it was just another set of work-to-do's in the office but when I read on it further, I have read the word "race" and I hurriedly flipped the envelope to see its front. It reads "National Milo Marathon" with my name written on top! 

This is it! I'll be running 5K with my office 'kadas on Sunday, October 30, 2011. I opened the envelope and I got my bib inside marked with 620721 in bold, black numbers. Wrapped in plastic, I have now my Milo-colored singlet with the 35th National Milo Marathon logo printed on it. I looked at the back of the singlet and it says "KAYA MO YAN!" (You Can Do It!). Also inside the envelope is a piece of leaflet with Running Tips by Coach Jim Saret. It also has two sachets of Nestea Fit inside.

My Milo Marathon Bib
My Milo Marathon Singlet
Helpful running tips

I read the tips and it made me more excited for the event. It will be five days from now so I have more time to prepare. I need to plan for my running clothes and equipment. I need to check if my running shoes is still working. I need to plan with my friends how to get there at the venue earlier as it will take thirty-minute ride going to Gensan from Polomolok. I will be a runner and I need to plan this and that!

Then,I paused for a while. 

It will be my first time to join Milo Marathon and I bet this would be different from previous Dolefil Fun Runs which I haven't joined before because I was preoccupied with other tasks then. Wow! This is really exciting.

Will I finish the race running? Or I'll reach the Finish Line walking? That we have find out soon. 

Well, it won't matter how I'll finish the marathon. The most important thing is I will experience how to be part of a bigger fun run and of course, I joined this marathon for a cause!

Kaya ko 'to!

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Boots Scootin' at Kalsangi OctobeRodeo

Kalsangi Clubhouse was filled with cowboys and cowgirls in various shapes, sizes and colors as they celebrated the Family Day of Kalsangi Residents Association (KRA) with its very own OctobeRodeo. KRA is a community in Kalsangi that composed of big bosses from Dolefil. And they were grouped according to their streets.

From top left bottom clockwise: Manager of Kalsangi Clubhouse Beth Parcon,
Dolefil Managing Director Simon Denye and his beautiful wife Maliosa with HR Director
Atty. Mel Hernandez and his lovely wife,
my co-host Gwyn Ebol and the Rhythm and Matrix Band
I and my friend Gwyn were tasked to host the show. We decided to wear costumes too and transformed ourselves into fictitious cowboy hippies. Gwyn called herself "the cowboy's no other woman" while I'm "the brother of Woody from another mother". Yeeha!

The cowboy's no other woman
& the brother of Woody from another mother
Emcees on the go
Lots of exciting things were stored that night. There were games, prizes, tons of foods, drinks and entertainment with a live band named Rhythm and Matrix. 

The Rodeo foods and sight
After the feast of foods for dinner, we did the first game for the cowboys called Beer Drinking Relay composed of 3 members per team. There were seven teams competed and drank those beers like babies, bottoms up! Afterwards, it's cowgirls turn for the Cola Drinking Contest. We took one participant per team and the cowgirl who first drank the cola up to the last drop won the game. The last game was called Shoot the Hoop. We asked one participant from each team and they were given 3 hoops to shoot it on the pole. The contestant who shot most number of hoops won the game.

The cowboy participants for the Beer Drinking Relay
including Dolefil's Toughest Guys
such as Simon Denye and Bong Maliwat
Beer Drinking like babies
Getting ready for the Cola Drinking Contest
Shot the Hoop contest
OctobeRodeo also awarded top 5 best dressed little cowboys and cowgirls. We were even amazed of those cute kids with nice full cowboy outfits. Their parents must have prepared a lot for the competition.

The best dressed little cowboys and cowgirls - Emcees not included
Then disco time with live band came and we did a community dance headed by a hired dance instructor to the tune of Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5. It was whole blast of a party and everybody danced like there's no tomorrow.

The Dance Party Kick-off - Emcees now included

What made that night memorable to me is I got the chance to be a Concert King for a Night because I, together with my partner Gwyn, joined the band like pro and they allowed us to sing along with them. It was such an experience!

Concert King for a night
Hmmm... I wonder if they also have Rodeos on November?

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Learning While Having Fun: Logistics Strategic Planning Workshop

My nick name during the workshop

All smiles were written in our faces as we went home and it happened for a reason.
The participants of Strategic Planning Workshop
Central Logistics and Dolefil Logistics created another milestone together with the  Logistics Strategic Planning Workshop held last October 22, 2011 at Grab-a-Crab Ivory Room, General Santos City. The objective of this activity is to strengthen the level of commitment of both parties towards its department goals. This was facilitated by no less than Ms. Joana Grace Banting-Lapore, an expert on corporate activities such as this.

Central Logistics Participants
with the Facilitator Ms Joana Banting on the top left photo
The team learned so many things during the one-day activity. We tackled the four Disciplines of Execution that focused on Wildly Important Goals (WIGS), Compelling Scoreboards, specific actions towards the goals and accountabilities of each member of the team. We were able to identify the execution gaps and we were asked to do the SWOT analysis. We have also rated our scale of commitments and the result was a good manifestation that we are part of a great team gearing towards the right track. We have realized that each of us has something more to give but we still have room for improvements.

During the SWOT Analysis Activity representing Team AJA!

Aside from great learning, we also had fun. Thanks to our jolly speaker that we never had a dull moment during the session. At the start of activity, we were asked to write our name tag with an adjective using the first letter of our names. We found it so cool and we enjoyed it. Our creativity just flew out and there went our new names sticking on our shirts. 
Adventurous Aethan in the house
Some of the personalities in the workshop
Another activity that heightened the excitement of that day is the simulation game using tennis balls. We were divided into two groups and we were asked to transfer the balls from the first member to the last person without touching it and using just our laps. The balls represent the products that we need to produce and ship to our customers and have corresponding values. Our goal is not to drop the balls as it will also mean wastage that incur lots of cost in our operations. Everyone tried so hard not to let the ball fall out of their laps so we strategize a lot. I was in full sweat while doing my part just to make sure I'm not the cause of our lost. Fortunate enough, our team efforts were not wasted because we won the game by transferring two balls against one ball transferred by the other team. Such a great feeling!

But the fun and learning never ended there. Our good speaker shared to us some good points of wisdom to live by. I've listed some of those and I just love reading them more often.It will serve as my empowering tool to keep me going. Here are the best chunks of wisdom that I got from the workshop.

* What do you do with what you see?
* I cannot give what I do not have.
* To achieve goal you've never achieved before, you simply need to start doing things you've never done before.
* Knowing others are counting on you raises your level of commitment.
* You get an "A" if you do what you said you are going to do. You get an "A+" if you help someone else get an "A" especially someone who is struggling.
* Learn, Re-learn, Unlearn.
* I need to help you be all that you can be so that I can be all that I can be.

Wow! My enthusiasm was refreshed.

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"Burp" Experience at MacRoad Steak House

Love Steak? There's a whole new reason why you will love steak more. 

Macroad Steak House offers another dining experience in GenSan. This cute place is located at Villanueva Building, Lapu-lapu street, in front of the post office besides Manila Bank. Aside from steaks, Macroad has a wide range of delectable dishes that will surely tickle your taste buds.  I love their crunchy Garlic Shrimp and their mouth-watering Salisbury de Cabana (ground beef topped on egg omelet with fried banana on the side). Their Garlic Chicken is a sure champion while their Sizzling Squid is a sure hit!

From left- right and clockwise:
Sizzling Squid, Garlic Chicken,
Garlic Shrimps and Salisbury de Cabana
And their stake, yes their stake! Their stake are something you would go crazy for. And another thing that is noteworthy is their price list. I would say that they've got the most affordable steak in town. Their T-bone steak is only Php 150 while their Rib-eye Steak is only Php 75 and these two steaks are served with rice already.  You will never get "pobre" with their Steak ala Pobre for it only costs you Php 135. Soon, they'll be coming up with combo meals served with drinks.

MacRoad Steak House: T-bone Steak
MacRoad Steak House Menu
MacRoad Steak House: Price List

When it comes to its ambiance, Macroad Steak House depicts a simple, small place with drift woods as its tables and chairs, with cozy lighting, conducive venue for hanging-out with your friends as they also serve beer. But what so distinct about the place is its wall painted with a refreshing color called Honeysuckle (red and pink combination) - the color of the year.

The facade of MacRoad Steak House
This is owned and managed by AB Matteo who is a self-confessed food lover that knows how to cook. Maybe the reason why the foods there are flavorful because it has the magic personal touch of the owner. As for now, he cooks the meals served at Macroad while he is training some of his staff to do the same in the next future. He also informed us that he and his wife personally conceptualized the look of their steak house. They were even the ones who did the setting up and the painting of their place. They also have a vision of coming up a chain of steak house that serves delicious yet affordable foods for everyone. 

Macroad Road Steak House will have its formal opening this November 2011. They are open 20 hours a day, from 10am until 6am the next day so you can go there even at the wee hours in the morning or even after the party at late nights. 

I'll bring my friends along with me when I'll go back there one of these days so that they can also have this "burp" experience like I did.

Burp! Excuse me... :)

Thanks to Sir Avel Manansala for the invitation and to fellow Sox Bloggers for the company. 

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Getting Inspiration from Dolefil Chairs for Trees Project

Aside from its dedication to produce the world’s best fresh pineapple and packaged foods, Dolefil also puts its heart through its Corporate Social Responsibilities projects (CSR) which aim to provide a different outlook in life to its nearby communities.

One of the various successful Community Development Reciprocating Action Projects of Dolefil CSR is the Chairs for Trees. Colorful school chairs out from the company’s recycled wooden pallets are donated to its identified institutions such as public schools all over SOCCSKSARGEN to address the region’s one of the problems on educational system which is sever lack of school chairs. As a reciprocating action, its beneficiaries are required to plant and grow trees to help protect the environment.  Each chair is equivalent to 27 seedlings to be planted. Launched in 2003, this wonderful project went a long way as it has already reached its one millionth tree last November 22, 2007.  To date, it has donated to its 600 beneficiary institutions more than thirty five thousand armchairs - that’s 35,193 units to be exact. It has also distributed 9,171 kiddie chairs, 2,149 kiddie tables and 4,645 church pews. These are all equivalent to 1,344,069 forest trees planted in the region.

But this project is not just distributing chairs and planting trees in return. This is a three-fold project that is firmly grounded in achieving a community transformation as it is strongly linked to other institutions as well. Mahintana Foundation, Inc. is one of the partners of Dolefil for this special project. It takes care on the distribution of chairs and coordination with the suppliers of seedlings to planted.

SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers are so honored to be invited by Dolefil to take a quick tour to follow the whole process flow behind this project. Provided with a detailed itinerary, each of the bloggers is curious on how does this project marked a significant part of Dolefil CSR.

Our first stop was at the Unified Engineering and Manpower Services Multi-Purpose Cooperative located at Polomolok, South Cotabato where these colorful chairs are being manufactured. Dolefil’s recycled wooden pallets are turned over to them. After sorting the pallets, they dismantle it and cut it into parts of the chair. The cooperative assigned carpenters to assemble the parts and they can fabricate 100 chairs per day depending on the demand. Dolefil is paying Php 270 for every chair produced. Our next stop was at the cooperative’s area where these chairs are painted with Dole colors – red, yellow and blue. The bloggers were delighted to see a long row of the actual painted chairs but we were not able to witness the actual painting activity in the said area.

Chair Making Process Flow: From recyclable wooden pallet
to the manufactured school chair
The colorfully painted chairs with the Sox Bloggers

We then proceed to one of the beneficiary schools of the Chair for Trees project. We visited Upper Klinan Elementary School and witnessed how these colorful chairs provided comfort to the pupils during their classes. Somehow it contributed to their enthusiasm to go to school everyday. We have also visited the area where the school planted the trees and we were happy to see how they are taking care of it through putting up tree guards.

The beneficiary school and it's designated areas for their trees
Happy faces of the school children with their colorful chairs from Dolefil
Sox Bloggers with the school kids
After a jolly interaction with the teachers and the students, we took the uphill route going to Brgy. Maligo. This was the final destination of the trip and this is the place where the nursery of an all-women cooperative resides. The Mt. Matutum Federation of Marginal Farmers Association (MMFMFA) is the beneficiary of Dolefil for planting the seedlings. For every seedling, Dolefil is paying Php 1.75 and Chairs for Trees is not the only market for them. Other sure markets of the cooperative are the Tree Planting activities of Dolefil. They are nursing various varieties of trees such as mahogany, guava apple, norfolk and a whole lot more.

The nursery station of  MMFMFA at Brgy. Maligo

Before lunch time came in, we headed our way to Kalsangi Clubhouse for the sumptuous meal and wrap-up discussion. Along the way, I came to realize how Dolefil is committed in taking care the community and the environment. The company provides jobs for many people – farmers, carpenters, the cooperatives, and affecting so many lives like the students of so many schools while protecting the environment through recycling and planting more trees. I am proud and inspired to be part of the said trip for I have witnessed how the Chairs for Trees project moves the entire community not only in this present time but also in the future. Where else in the world can you find a brilliant project such as Chairs for trees? Only Dolefil has it. 

Here's the captured video of the school kids singing with glee (with the Sox Bloggers headed by Sir Avel Manansala):

ThAEnk-worthy: Special thanks to the following people -
1) Avel Manansala for giving this opportunity to be part of the Sox Bloggers
2) Gwyn Ebol for putting up the initiatives which made the quick tour possible
3) Jess Lapid for the extra photos
4) RS Dee and Bascon Cidz for some nice photos
5) Fellow Sox Bloggers for the experience to be with you :)
6) Club Kalsangi for the hearty lunch
7) Atty. Mel Hernandez for the warm accommodation

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