Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fly High!

I wanna fly high like the birds in the skies. Touching the fluffy clouds. 
Feel the wind beneath my wings. And yes! I can do it.
Come on! 

Let's fly! 


Yes! We can now fly without going to the mountain top to glide. We can just fly as a kite! Instead of looking up the skies, we can know be looking down the grounds. Cool isn't it? Yeah! It could be real and really the best.

Have you ever heard about Paratowing?

It is another exciting adventure that you can try. Paratowing is similar to Paragliding but it does not require you to be on the elevated places just to take off. You can enjoy this kind of adventure sports even if you are in the plain grounds. All you need is a wide open field and the aerodynamic forces of the air. Of course, you also need a harness attached to a fabric wing with interconnected baffled cells and a professional pilot that can assist you while flying. To visualize what I am exactly talking about, please watch the video at the end of this post. And tell me if you wanna fly like that.

I met a professional for this type of adventure sports and he asked me if I want to try and feel the extreme. We set the venue in an open field in Palkan, Polomolok, South Cotabato in an early afternoon. Prior to the actual flight, he and his team prepared the things needed and made sure that everything is set for our safe fly as well. They did a test flight and it was successful.

Getting ready for a new kind of adventure.
Preparing the gadgets.

Spreading the wing.

Testing the colorful wing.


Up and up!

The wing is in the air.

Everything was perfect then. There's a good volume of wind and the skies are so pretty but when we are about to put on the harness to the first passenger, it begun to drizzle and eventually the rain has poured on the field. It was not so lucky day for us and our excitement was dampened but it was also a good start. We decided to set another date and it is going to be successful in God's perfect time.

For now, I am just sharing with you just a thought of it and once I can experience it by myself, you will be the first one to know.

For more questions and details, please visit this Facebook page: Filipino Paramotor Training

Let's fly! 

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dancing in the Park

This couple must be very in love with each other.
They start their day dancing in the park.

A park in China is a good venue for so many exciting and healthy activities like walking, jogging, performing Tai Chi and even chatting. But what captivated me is their way of dancing in the park.

Be it morning, late afternoon or early evening, people, mostly middle-aged women, gathered in the park for their daily routine. Somebody will bring a big stereo, turn the music on and then pump up the volume. Then, they all dance together in synchronicity with upbeat Chinese music in the background. It is not the Zumba style and they are not doing the typical exercise like we usually perform during our elementary days. They have their own style of dancing which I can say unique. They also have lead dancers performing in front of the flock. They also do some ballroom dancing like chacha, boogie and waltz. Some joined in as pairs, others are real-life couples while some went there with their own troupe. The moment that the music is played, there's no stopping until the spot will be full of dancers. This community dancing usually lasts for one to two hours daily.

People will just find their own spot to join the community dancing.

Despite the sweat and despite catching their breath while executing the dance steps, these people have found joy in what they are doing. Aside from being a healthy habit, this regular community dancing can also improve relationship among friends and the people in the neighborhood. 

And speaking of relationship, the photo above was captured during my early morning walk in one of the beautiful parks in Shanghai. What is so inspiring about this scene is that they were dancing in the park, doing the waltz, early in the morning, just the two of them, like nobody's watching. This couple must be doing this regularly to start their day. With their stereo on, they dance along with the beat of their hearts. It was such a lovely thing.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

The Bond at the Bund

The Bund is well-known to be the Shanghai's pride.
With its picturesque landscape, this place owns a glorious beauty both day and night.
It was love at first sight!

I first saw its charm shining shimmering at that night when we got the chance to explore Shanghai a little bit more. The lights and its skyscrapers defined a magnificent skyline, truly a work of art. The cold breeze of autumn that night never brought a dull moment as the joyous people from everywhere painted a scenery of pure bliss. It was really captivating. Then, I told myself, I will visit this place again and be back for more.

The breathtaking view of The Bund at night with impressive lights from the towering buildings.
One of the must-do's in the area is cruising the Huangpu River
wherein you can take a closer view of the tallest buildings on the other side of the river.
This is me. Overjoyed amidst the flock of people in The Bund.

Me and my new love enjoying our bonding moments together during our first meetup.

True enough, I went back to this new love of mine in another setting. That time, it was in the afternoon. Still many people surrounded the place, very busy appreciating its wonders. But that never stopped me to delve into its other gems. On that occasion, I couldn't help myself to be more jubilant with my eyes wide open and I don't want to blink so as not to miss a single thing.

Approaching the main spot of The Bund
where you can see from afar the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.
One of the colorful parks in The Bund area with amazing sculptures.
Still in The Bund area where colorful flowers are blooming.
The admirable wall of flowers is also a favorite spot in The Bund.
Another look of The Bund in a sunny afternoon.

Me and The Bund has this bond that is defined by laws that only the both of us can understand. I am missing that place. I am missing that point in time where our eyes meet and without saying a word, a feeling of elation embraces me. Now, all I can do is to take a glimpse of The Bund through my captured memories. And I wouldn't mind if I do it over and over again. The feeling still lingers on. With the thought of The Bund, I am ready to fall in love once more.

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Touch of the Future at Ho Ho Restaurant, Jinhua

Years from now, they will be the next generation of movers of change.
I hope that they will learn good values as they will be nurtured with love in preparation for the humanity's future.
While waiting for our foods, these kids are enjoying the games from their modern-day toy. This vibrant photo is taken from one of the talked-about restaurant in Jinhua City, Zheijiang Province of China. As for me, the resto's name is catchy because it sounds like the laugh of Santa Clause but for them, Ho Ho is what Chinese usually exclaim when the food is delicious.

From the outside, the building looks like a Chinese temple but when you go inside, it was surely a pleasant surprise. 

The facade of Ho Ho Restaurant resembles a temple.

Greeting the customers is a lovely counter with colorful old drawers. On the right corner in the lobby is a menu board where all the foods to order are listed. There you can witness how excited the patrons are to taste the specialty foods of the place. 

At the lobby of Ho Ho Restaurant from top left clockwise:
the Menu Board, the Counter, a small pond, the colorful drawers
As we went inside the dining hall, right before our eyes is a well lit area with beautifully crafted lanterns hanging on its ceiling. At the center end of the hall mirrors a theater-stage-like also with round tables for dining. Adorning it is a ceiling with intricate designs. We were told that those were taken from the ancient houses of Jinhua.

The dining hall of Ho Ho restaurant.
One portion of the ceiling with ancient baroque designs.
Minutes later, the foods that we ordered were served one by one. The first delicacy that was served is a sticky rice wrapped with pandan leaf with meat inside. It is like our pastil but with a savory aroma.

The pastil-like food was the first food on our big round table.
Beef Stew - more flavorful than our Kaldereta.
Chicken Dish which is similar to our Afritada.
This is a kind of omelet with flowers of Jasmine.
A sweet sticky delicacy as part of our dessert is also yummy.
A semi-toasted bread with ice cream on top became my favorite treat.
So much with the food and it's architectural design, it also the festive ambiance of Ho Ho Restaurant that makes it appealing. The two-storey place has full of visitors who are enjoying great food and great conversations as well.

It was indeed a Ho Ho experience in a Ho Ho day and all I can say is Ho Ho all the way!

The restaurant is open until 8:00 in the evening
and they also serve coffee until 10:00 in the evening.

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Come My Child at the Ba Yong Park, Jinhua

The photo depicts the love of a mother to her child. This mother-and-child tandem not only captured my sight but also my heart. True enough that all mothers are our real-life heroes.

This photo is taken from one of the many interesting parks in Jinhua City, Zheijiang Province in China. The park is also as known as the Ba Yong Park which is a riverside scenic spot highlighting the Ba Yong Tower. This park was developed to showcase the ancient culture of the city through landscapes, museums, preserved old villages, meeting halls and courtyards, souvenir shops, restaurants and some important landmarks during the Song Dynasty.

The main entrance of the Ba Yong Park.

A street of souvenir shops and small snack houses alongside the main entrance of the scenic spot.
Notice the Chinese ancient architecture used to maintain the feel on this side of the park.

This is a shop whose specialty is on serving old-aged wine preserved in the clay jars.
Jade stones were just one of the many souvenir items in the sidewalk.
Most have claimed that these rocks were naturally formed from the mountains in the outskirt of the city.
One of the ancient courtyards and meeting halls that were preserved.
These are some of the landmarks of the preserved village in the park.

These are the relics from one of the museums in the park.
On the top right is an ancient pen used for Chinese calligraphy.
The pathway of the preserved ancient Chinese village.

The Ba Yong Tower is an ancient architectural structure that is strategically located at the remnant of the age-old city wall. It is overlooking the green belts north of the Yangtze River and the modern panorama of the city. This tower is also popular as the carrier of the profound culture of Jinhua.

The entrance of the Ba Yong Tower.
Overlooking from the Ba Yong Tower is another park beside the river - the Wuzhou Park.
The old walled city map of Jinhua with Chinese calligraphy.
With another tourist who asked photo with me when he learned that I am from the Philippines.
During the Song Dynasty, Jinhua was a cultural center and home to many distinguished people such as philosophers, statesmen, scholars and even poets. These includes Li Qingzhao (1084-1150's) who is famous as China's celebrated woman poet. She has chosen the city to be her final home during the last twenty-five years of her life. Jinhua local people have constructed a memorial hall in honor of her which is attached to the Ba Yong Tower.

The statue of Li Qingzhao and her famous poems about her life in Jinhua.

During my first visit there, I was so inspired by how Jinhuanese perpetuate the era which defined not just their place but also their existence. It was so amazing to note that even at present times like this, one can still feel how the ancient history evolved into a spirit of camaraderie and unity to the modernized people of this city.

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