Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Songkran Splash

It's the time of the year in Thailand where the temperature is rising and anyone can tell that summer is really on the dot. Just really perfect to freshen up, take a plunge into the pool or chill on the beach. 

Aside from that, this is also the much awaited moment for the Thai people because it is the season for the traditional Thai New Year. Moreover, the excitement is also pumping up for the grandest water feast and the much celebrated event in their calendar -- the Songkran Festival. This is usually a three-day merrymaking from April 13 to 15. In Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand, people are celebrating it starting in the midnight of April 12 until the next day while some parts of the country are doing this festivity all week long.

Yes! This is the time to play water fights. Of course, in a fun and friendly way. Thai people from all walks of life including the foreigners go out on the streets to celebrate with anyone, may it be friends or total strangers. There is just a simple rule, one can splash water to anyone except for the elders and the babies. But once you are out in the streets, anybody can literally throw water on you and there's no way you can escape from it. And there are also colored powder dipped in water to be wiped on your face and body, so get ready to look messy and cute.

In order to enjoy the wet and wild fun, don't forget to prepare your colorful water gun, a comfortable outfit and your very self to get soaked for the entire day. To capture the fun, you can use waterproof cases for your cameras and cellphones. 

Indeed, Songkran is a festival where there is splashing everywhere and everyone is splashing all the way. It is nice to see smiling faces when you splash water on them. There's no room for negative things during the celebration. There are just good vibes. And every splash of water means a splash of blessing. Songkran is a splash of happiness to anyone.

Please watch the video at the bottom of this post and let it transport you to the real experience of Songkran.

Songkran celebration in Cicada Market in Hua Hin.
A traditional way to celebrate Songkran in Hua Hin Market Village.
All is set for the biggest Foam Party in Hua Hin Market Village.
We are Songkran-ready!
Roaming around the streets of Hua Hin with a motorbike or a car
is truly a wet and wild experience.
Kids and the kids alike play water fun.
It is also the best time to meet new friends.

Songkran Festival: A Splash of Happiness

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