Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mananum Na 'Ta (Let's Plant)

I bet I’m a no green thumb but I tried my luck in planting pineapple. Good thing I joined the 2011 Ceremonial Pineapple Planting of Dolefil. More than 400 management staffs of Dolefil were gathered to fill Field 201A with pineapple planting materials.

Planting pineapple with Dolefil's MD Simon Denye
It’s the first ever pineapple planting for the management team. One purpose for this activity is to make us all aware of the hardship of our planters experienced each day to make a living, so that we can also appreciate more their contribution to the company. By 2013, there will be a Ceremonial Harvesting for these pineapples that we have planted that’s why everyone was encouraged to take more photos for the before-and-after comparison when that time comes.

As early as four in the morning, everyone was gathered at the Central Station for the jump-off. The actual buses used by the planters were also used to transfer everyone to the assigned management block somewhere in Brgy. Polo, Polomolok, South Cotabato. Cold early morning breeze filled the air and it added to the excitement of the first time pineapple planters. After the opening program which was hosted by me and Mae Mae, the mob went to their respective area to commence the so-called planting. We were given gloves and planting iron to do the task. We were taught how to plant the pineapples correctly as well. With cool OPM music as the background, we we’re all in the mood for this rare kind of opportunity. Read: Magtanim ay Di Biro and Leron Leron Sinta plus many more, we did dancing while planting too in our colorful planting outfits. After the ceremony, there served breakfast called pastel in chicken and pork flavor plus Dole Juices to refresh our body in full sweat.

Early morning set-up with my co-host Mae Mae
Planting pineapple is not that easy
With my General and Admin Services Family
Chicken and pork pastel for breakfast
Despite the fun, I can never deny that planting is all-sweat, energy-draining activity. While we did just 50 plantings each, a regular planter does up to 5,000 plantings in a day. Though pineapple planting is never too easy, at the end of the day there’s a sense of pride that one day, there comes the harvest, each one of us contributed to the success story of Dolefil.

1) Jess Lapid for the photos
2) Khun Areerat  and Khun Wiphawee of Dole Thailand for the photos
3) Arleen Baterbonia for the photos

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