Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Coffee-Tea-Ria Chillin' Experience

The Coffee-Tea-Ria - Take a Break. Relax. Enjoy.
The sweat from that night's run has dried up but our energy was never drained. After we took our dinner, the group has decided to chill in a place that's cozy and more relaxing. Yes, the night was still young and we want to grab the chance to relax, interact and acquaint ourselves once more after the busy, hurlyburly week that was.
I suggested that we try this new spot in the city. It's located in front of Robinsons Place Gensan, beside RCBC building. It's a cute and lovely cafe with an interior that is really awesome. Aside from a beautifully lit counter, what will welcome you inside are their nice and unique decorative pieces that can give you a more relaxing ambiance. 
The name itself is very catchy and interesting too. Call it The Coffee-Tea-Ria - a charming place to have a break, relax and enjoy. It just opened last May 30, 2012 and it offers a whole lot of new things when it comes to foods and drinks which are yet to be discovered by the excited-to-try-something-new people like most of us. You read it right, their name echoes a "cafeteria" and true enough because they also serve breakfast, lunch and dinner aside from coffee, tea and desserts from six in the morning daily up to late night (but on Sundays, they are open at two in the afternoon). When you look at their menu, the names of their foods and drinks made me curious to try them all. Read this: Chicken ala Parmediana, The Caveman's Food, Chicken Kiev, Coco Crevettes - these are just few of their delectable treats that sound like they are really appealing to the palate.

Gwyn enjoying her Red Iced Tea
Alper chilling on his Mango Banana Lassi
Sheng giggling on her Iced Coffee Double Dutch
Mia enjoying two of the good treats in life
Go go go for Mojos
Sheila on her feel-at-home pose
We spent almost three hours there chit-chatting on almost anything. We laughed and giggled to every fun stories that we have shared while enjoying the yummy treats of The Coffee-Tea-Ria. The place was so perfect for our bonding moments and we are looking forward to have another chillin' experience there. Indeed, we had a fantastic break time, we were relaxed and enjoyed not just the place but to their foods as well.

We called it a night. T'was fun!

P.S.: It's pretty obvious that name of the establishment is a coined word out of coffee and tea but what does "RIA" stands for? Out of curiosity, I had the chance to talk with the part-owner of The Coffee-Tea-Ria and I'll be sharing what I have found in my next post. Plus, I'll be sharing their menu and price list as well. I have tried their Aglio 'e Olio and Mojos. Their yummy too and I've been craving for more of their foods! But for now, you can try some on their food list and share your experience here.

Try their Aglio 'e Olio
New treats on the board


  1. looking forward to the next post. :) haven't been there and looking at your pictures, sure looks like a nice place to hang out.

  2. Ms Lynette it's a cozy lovely place. You must try their different treats there.