Sunday, December 26, 2010

AEthan's Soliloquy

Eating a crunchy apple with my left hand while clicking & scrolling my wireless mouse in my right hand, i'm reading some blogs from anyone in the web. I simply noticed that those people from different spots in the world were just sharing their thoughts through this medium called blogging.

Ting! Why can't i do that too! Instead of talking to myself most of time being alone, i'll let the whole world know what's inside my head. Of course, I'll do some screening too before publishing it here! :)

I've always wanted to have my own blogsite but never had time to make it happen .But just this minute, I gave myself a try on making this blogging stuff happen. 

Must be a perfect timing since Christmas is over and today's holiday here in the Philippines. I'm just doing nothing, spending time alone but wait, as anyone read this, i'm sharing my thoughts to you!   

Right now, I'm thinking of nice-to-eat foods for the New Year's Eve, my father's health condition as he is undergoing hemodialysis, my career, my life. Too many to mention but will find time again to share it one by one.

This is my first blog & I don't want to put everything here for now. No to info overload this time.

Hope to see you more often!


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