Monday, December 27, 2010

Getting to Know Me from A to Z (2011 edition)

This is my annual ritual -- to check, re-evaluate, re-asses myself through updating a checklist of who's me now (could be beyond also). Read along and you can also create something like this.

Getting to Know me from A to Z (2011 edition)

A          Aethan is my nick name. It evolved from my childhood name given by my dear cousin.
             This name will prevent you from my tongue-twisting first name (from my mother’s witty idea) – ZUNASAR!
B          Budget - I need to enhance my skills on this especially this year & beyond.
C          Colors make me alive and kicking! I considered Caps as my fashion statement.
D          Diabetes is the thing that I should avoid. Mama passed away because of that. :(
            I love Designs, Designing & the like.
E          What energize me more are the Events that i'm handling.
F           Family & Friends are so precious to me… they are my treasures! Financial Freedom is my goal.
G          cool & cute Gifts are my ways of saying that you are special to me.
H          there’s no place like Home and one of my dreams is to have a Home in a beautiful House.
I           I want to be an Inspiration to others.
J          I aim not only for happiness. My goal in life is to find Joy with my craft.
K          being Kulit, Kwela & Kenkoy are the other side of me… but I’m harmless.
L          Love for me is a glory disguised with a risk… it’s for you to take it or never love at all.
M         I usually consider myself as anyone’s Mirror. You’ll see your real self in me if you’re with me.
N          I’m half Naïve & half Narcissistic. It still depends on the weather.
O          Over me is the Lord for He is my strength.
P          I maybe Perfectionist but I’m flexible more often than not. 
            I want to be remembered as the Planner or the Programme expert.
Q          I am but a Quixotic but always try to be down-to-earth. 
            I would love to always ask the Questions.
R          I would love to Recollect precious moments. 
            While Reminiscing, I get mushy.
S          Songs soothe me. I go for variety of music as long as its lyrics are nice.
            Smiles to me are precious depending on its Sincerity.
T          Trust begets Trust that’s why I always take extra effort not to destroy my friends’ Trust to me.
U          If there could only be one person that I want to be with for the rest of my life, 
             he could be somebody who is gifted with the power of Understanding.
V          To be young at all times, I would like to retain Vivacity in me.
W         The Wackier the better. That’s my way of defining things beyond the usual. 
            This is how I define casual.
X          life itself is X-citing no matter how you describe it.
Y          Yearning for a life full of contentment, I should be more responsible & hardworking.
Z          May the Zeal & the Zest be always with me as I unravel the mysteries this life can offer.

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  1. Nice to meet you again z! you never cease to amaze me... more articles to come!