Sunday, September 4, 2011

Holiday Escape in Lake Sebu

We just had a long weekend due to some national holidays so our team took this chance to have a bonding through an activity we called CLog's Holiday Escape. We decided to enjoy the beauty of nature to refresh ourselves from our daily workloads. We have chosen to experience our "escape" at Lake Sebu, South Cotabato - a place not only known for its picture-perfect lake and a fish called tilapia but also their seven grand waterfalls, ice-cold river and the longest zip line in Asia. It's almost a  two-hour ride from Polomolok and you will pass the progressive town of Surallah before reaching this beautiful place. This was the first ever adventure that we are complete. Our big bosses joined us too so it was a full force, all-star cast escapade. One of our boss brought along with him his wife and his cute 10-month old baby.

Lake Sebu's natural gems
Our first stop was in Seven Falls and Zip Line. Entrance fee was at PhP20 each and the parking fee has also the same cost. Since it was holiday, the place was full of tourists. We then proceed to meet and greet the majestic waterfalls. Aside from that, there's also a fun trail of 774 steps to go down the to the second falls but we did not attempt to do that, instead we focused on picture taking. There are also a lot of souvenir stalls situated near the entrance.

Next on the list is the Zip Line with two stations. The fee is PhP300 for those who want to conquer new heights of fun with nature. They are also offering souvenir photo shots from your actual flying. You just have to pay PhP100 for the printed two different shots of your choice. Only six of us dared to fly and the rest just watched us and took photos. It was so awesome zooming above the canopies of a thick forest while watching two waterfalls at its glory. My boss exclaimed so much to his delight. I've not only seen it but heard it because we where tandem during the flight. I took video during our zipping on the two stations and have witnessed the marvels of the waterfalls right below our very eyes. It was a total fun plus the sun was so with us as we have seen rainbows below the waterfalls. It took us almost a minute to reach the end of the first station so we had great time enjoying the scene. The second station was a bit short but we can also see the river connected to the waterfalls in a bird's eyeview. We paid extra PhP100 for the soft copy of our photos but it was all worth it.

It was almost lunch time when we departed the place and we headed to the next destination - floating cottage of Punta Isla Lake Resort for our lunch.

As expected, the place was also full packed with guests but we did an early reservation so we had the exclusive use of their floating cottage. We have chosen to have their package buffet at PhP320 per pax - a complete sumptuous meal of 4 viands, softdrinks and fruits with unlimited rice. We also tried their famous dish called chicharong tilapia (crispy fried tilapia) for only PhP120 per order. They also have prutas sa duyan (fruits in the hammock) wherein the fresh, colorful tropical fruits were creatively arranged in a mini, rattan-made hammock.

During lunch, we were entertained by their cultural dancers. Not only our boss was amazed during the presentation but also the baby who joined us cannot contain his excitement as he heard the tribal music played.

We were scheduled to go on boating around the lake after lunch as part of the package but unfortunately, it rained so hard that afternoon so we decided to go home. Though it rained, it did not spoil our day that was full of fun. You can see in our photos how we enjoyed the very rare gathering of our team. Truly, a holiday escape that we surely loved.

Here's the video of the chosen captured moments including the video during our zip line adventure. 


  1. hi aethan! nice post.. hope u can feature more of our province's tourism destinations in the future.. anyway ganda ng blog mo.. :) u can also check mine at and see you around! ^^

  2. wow... the Philippines has the longest zipline ni Asia? ni-ice... :) thanks for posting. it sounds like your team really had a great experience.

  3. Thanks for the nice comments everyone! I hope that you will also share your experience in Lake Sebu's Zip Line.