Monday, October 17, 2011

Chasing Sunshine at 4ML Beach Resort

The sun was still sleeping that moment but everything was set for an early jump-off to a place unfamiliar to me. As excited with a bunch of office 'kadas, I couldn't wait to see the place where people called 4ML Beach Resort.

Situated in Maasim, Sarangani Province, the said resort welcomed us in its humble gate after an hour ride from Polomolok, South Cotabato. At first glance, there's nothing extraordinary on this part of the earth but there could be something special on this site that I have to see it for myself.

The shoreline of 4ML Beach Resort

The fine off-white sand enveloped its clean shoreline while there were few open bamboo cottages along with it. Their shower rooms are not that fancy and these were located pretty far away from the cottages. By the way, there's a mini store situated near the water pump, the only water source in the resort. There's also a single cottage which is situated strategically above the waters and closer to the mangrove trees. But what else is stored in here? 

Sumptuous breakfast to nourish our body for the activity

After the sumptuous breakfast, the group decided to explore further the wonders of this place. We did a short walk away from our cottage going inside the mangrove forest. 

Heading towards the hidden paradise in the resort;
Below: The only pump in the place
We passed  by the mini-store in the resort
The lone cottage closer to the waters and the trees

As we approached to the inner part of it, it seemed that we were in another place. So mysterious yet lovely just like in the epic adventure movies. There were wild thorny shrubs growing on the opposite side of the path. We have also passed a serene stream connecting from the nearby mountains to the beach as we moved on further. 

Heading towards the mangrove forest
Stop-over at the stream
Taking quick rest under the lovely tree
The enchanting path to the beautiful spot
Thrilled with the beauty of nature
After a few minutes, we have arrived to our destination. Eureka! There's a hidden paradise in there. We all exclaimed as we appreciate the amazing natural beauty of that spot. The rock formations and nice shores with rock-coral sand, the view is actually breathtaking!

The magnificent rock formations

After hours of basking in the sunshine, we went back to the cottage for some rest and another round of chow session, 'twas lunch time then. Chit-chats followed and we have noticed that it's low tide already. We can now see the corals and the sea grass forming the seafloor. Some people were busy being curious what's under the rocks there while they can freely roam inside the area where mangrove trees grow. We went curious also and we excitedly hopped on our feet for another round of exploration in the place called 4ML Beach Resort.

Chasing sunshine with colorful sarongs
We brought with us our sarongs not just for protection from the sun but for added colors for our pictorial. We have seen tiny fishes swimming in schools in the shallow waters. There were also blue star fishes waiting for the high tide to come soon. There were unique corals with different variety seashells holding tight on its bodies.

But what really enthralled us was the awesome view of the mangrove trees laid in the shore like a velvet blanket. In its various shapes and sizes, from smallest to huge willow-like forms, we slowly drew ourselves closer to the trees just to have a face-to-face encounter with them. 'Twas really an enchanting experience.

We were never dismayed with the wonders of the place. I can say that it has its own real gem that resides beyond its simple entrance gate. If chasing sunshine is with this kind of paradise, I would mind getting darker skin as long as I can enjoy the gift of nature's beauty courtesy of God. The place is truly captivating. I want to pay another visit in the place called 4ML Beach Resort. 

Admiring the captivating beauty of the huge mangrove tree


  1. gusto kong puntahan to.. heehe any advice sir Aethan?

  2. Sir Nanardxz kelan mo gustong pumunta dito? isabay mo ako ha. :)


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