Wednesday, February 29, 2012

AE Pipol -- Birthday Fellows

The birthday fellows from top left clockwise - Joji, Pinky, Edwin, Jacki, Yin & Aileen

I am so blessed with friends!
One way of rewarding them for their kindness to me 
is by giving each of them simple presents
especially for their birthdays.
It must have to be the AEthanoscopy way. 

Joji Socorin (15 January)
Ms. Joji is our music lady and (one of the) singers in our team. 
Whenever there's a need to lead the National Anthem,
we volunteer her and she just smiles
then proceeds to the stage. ;)


Pinky Andrada (08 February)
Pinky is a sweet lady but a hopeless romantic.
Her achievement on losing weight is very inspiring.
She can be cool and playful at the same time. :D


Edwin Tan (10 February)
Edwin and I are seatmates in the office.
I admire him for being a responsible father to his cute kids.
Another nice thing about him is he starts each day in the office
with a silent prayer. :)


Jacki Tagpuno (12 February)
Jacki is our latest addition to our team.
You can see her as a healthy bouncing pretty lady
and she's a responsible mother of two.


Yin Baitus (12 February)
Yin is my "kumare" in the office
and one of the Logistics darlings.
Although, this pretty young lady looks like single,
she already has three kids!

Arleen Baterbonia (02 March)
'Te Arleen is not only a bubbly & fun-loving person,
she's also a very active and participative
office friend of mine. As a mother, she is so
supportive to her 3 kids.


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