Monday, April 30, 2012

Tribute to Papa

Alberto Maisog Yting: May 14, 1945 - March 25, 2012

What's so inspiring about my father is his greatest love to our mother. 
He was there when Mama suffered from her illness until the moment she took her last breath. 
It took a while for him to accept Mama's departure.
Since then, I can always observe that his thoughts are maybe looking forward to be seeing Mama again in the aisles of heaven.  

New Year 2011: Red & Hat Hurray!
New Year 2012: Happy Birds
Our last days with Papa were so memorable.
We even planned for a grand family vacation.
When we booked for plane tickets and all, I can see that he is excited as well.
But too soon, his illness took him first and made a re-route for him.
It maybe sad though but we are faithful that it's God's way of taking care of him.
It's God's will of telling us that we have more to live in this life and it's my father's time to meet Him.

Last photo taken with Papa: March 18, 2012
Papa has joined Mama in the Lord's embrace.
They are now enjoying heaven together.
He's gone home and left us with an inspiration to live our lives at its best.
Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? (Romans 8:35)
Forever, he will stay alive in hearts.

Thank you Papa! 

Here's our tribute video.


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