Sunday, March 11, 2012

AE Playlist -- Glee Season 3 (A)

I'm a Gleek and that's undeniable!

With the third season of this hit series called Glee, I'm still excited with the twist of its stories and of course with the songs that they are going to feature. That's why on my first entry of the newly created category called AE Playlist, I'm setting off five tracks from the Glee Season 3 Episode 14 - "On My Way".

Aside from having a new spike on the Glee Casts renditions of these songs, I find these songs very inspiring. They actually gave new meaning to it. They've been to my playlist almost a month now and I'm still looking forward for more songs in their next episodes.

Here it is, the first batch of my favorite songs in AE Playlist. Play it on!


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