Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Of Goodbyes and Hellos -- Gwyn's Not the Last Time

She's my dear pretty and (shall I say) hot partner in C.R.I.M.E. (Creative Respondents & Innovators of Momentous Events).

We've became friends since we took the center stage as hosts for a Halloween party in Kalsangi. From then on, we were consistent chums and accomplice in almost every corporate event. 

We were like Batman & Robin*. (*pun not intended)

No! We were ice and tea. 
Or two sides of a coin. 
Or a pair of eye glasses. 
But wait, am I getting farther?

Modesty aside, we have created history. 
And the partnership that we have is like a shoe and a shoe lace. (Did I make sense here?)

Well, we too have this common language when it comes to anything.
We have this so-called "Glee Moments"!
We invented that neology.

Well, she left me.
She left because she got sweeter plans. 
Bigger plans. 
Wider plans.
And that's in the name of love.
And beyond.

This video encapsulated her three years of fun-filled memories in Dolefil. Thanks for the friendship and for sharing your talents. This isn't the last time, we'll meet again. God bless you more!


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