Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Of Goodbyes and Hellos -- It's Time Alper

He's a brother, a best friend, a fan and a critic rolled into one.

Alper, I could say, is the best buddy inside and outside workplace. We compliment each other and laugh at the moments when time chased us with trials and pressure especially at work. 

People can see us together most often especially at activities.
Some may say that we we're like twins. 

Good for me for he's obviously good-looking! 
That means that I am too? 
Well, I considered it as flattery and I ended up wishful thinking. Hehehe!

This guy has this light that many people can notice.
Friends will remember him as a good person who is always approachable and willing to assist on any concerns with regards to work. The series of videos of messages from those people can attest to that.

Yes, he left too.
He left me.

He left to soar higher by focusing on a personal business.
He left to focus on expanding his horizons and challenged himself with something bigger and better.

I envy him for such a bold act.
As he is blessed with so many things, he did not forget to share it with us.

So here's one of those series of videos as a tribute to his kindness and unforgettable gimmicks that we had. I'm pretty sure that this goodbye will have more hellos to come.



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