Saturday, March 12, 2011

Amazing Thailand Trip -- The Arrival

Welcome to the Kingdom of Thailand!

After a 3-hour travel from Manila via Thai Airways, our team arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport of Bangkok, Thailand in the early evening. We walked down the lovely entrance of the arrival area with the magnificent colors of live orchids & giant billboards. Can’t help ourselves with our amazement to their airport structure as well as the bunch of rare species of orchids so we hurriedly took our cameras and click it on to capture photos – a whole lot of photos so to speak!

We picked up our baggage after we went to a foreign exchange booth. We have then our  Thai Baht and we're ready to meet the person assigned to fetch us. 

We then went to our hotel at the riverside called Montien Riverside Hotel. We were greeted with “sawasdee kha!” by the receptionists as we entered their grand lobby with a beautiful lady playing xylophone-like instrument. The hotel is huge with a beautiful structure and interior. We were then given sweet passion fruit juice as their complimentary drink. All keys to our room are with us, we went straight to our assigned room to freshen up a bit in preparation for our dinner with Anuj, a cool dude based in Bangkok. After 15 minutes or so, we went back to the lobby to meet Anuj, his wife Ritu & their cute little angel Rissi.


Anuj brought us to their favorite place, the Secret Garden. It is famous of their sumptuous meals & mouth-watering and creative cakes. It has a nice & cozy ambiance, perfect venue for people like us who had a long travel. We had a nice dinner as we were introduced to the Thai foods – hot, spicy & yummy rolled into one. For the finale, they served their famous house dessert of crepe cake topped with strawberry sauce. It did not disappoint us because it tasted heavenly good! Now the Secret Garden is a secret place no more!

On our way back to our hotel, we had a glimpse of the city lights & its wide, clean highways with tall buildings on the background. We ended up our first night in Bangkok with smiles on our faces.

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  1. nice! i was curious about the green and peach shake you had. looks like you had a wonderful 1st night at Thailand