Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Amazing Thailand Trip -- Putahracsa Resort

What made our trip in Hua Hin lovely & exciting is the place where we stayed longer. I would say that nothing beats the coziness and comfort that Putahracsa Resort can offer to their guests. It is a resort with modern contemporary design situated in the residential section of Hua Hin – can be considered as your home by the beach.

Entrance at the seaside building
At the entrance lobby
Man-made pond with koi fishes at the lobby
Entrance to the resort
Bricks wall at the resort entrance

Round rattan hammock at the lobby
The Putahracsa plant at the entrance. According to the staff, Putahracsa is the favorite flower of the king.
The rooms are spacious, Mediterranean inspired, with white walls & verandas equipped with wide sofa bed – perfect factors for relaxation after a hard day’s work or a tour around Hua Hin. In addition to that, for guests who want to freshen up, they can take a dip into their huge infinity pool.

Entrance of the room
Hallway to the rooms
A view at the poolside
At the poolside
Still at the poolside
The hotel rooms
This is my room
Leading to the veranda
My favorite chair

My bed
Going to the bathroom
A view from the veranda of my room
Looking at the pool from the veranda

Got a refreshing dip in the pool
They have free wi-fi internet connection added to the convenience of their guests. They also have café inside the perimeter of the hotel where they serve their buffet breakfast. It has two locations facing each other separated by highway. 

The other part is facing the shore where they have the Oceanside Resto. They also have infinity pool there plus wide beach beds to complete the relaxed holiday mood. Oh! Don’t forget their wide array of delectable food selections & cocktails - you surely can’t wait for another serving.

Going to the Oceanside Beach Club & Restaurant
Entrance of the second building of Putahracsa Hotel going to Oceanside
Poolside beds of the Oceanside's infinity pool
Oceanside infinity pool
Sitting at the glowing chair in the Oceanside Restaurant
The chairs that glow, with lights inside. Cool!
The lovers beds facing the calm sea

Lovely Oceanside restaurant from afar
Painted walls at the Oceanside Beach Club
Cozy dining area, facing the beach, within the shore
Serene beach area decorated with twinkling lights from nearby hotels
One of the foods that you'll surely love
Chillin' with cocktails on the dining area by the beach
 The resort hotel also provides free tuktuk ride if the guest wants to visit nearby spots like the Night Market.
The Putahracsa Hotel version of tuktuk
Tuktuk service for free, going to Night Market
Our stay in Putahracsa is definitely memorable. With warm accommodations from their staff, you just want to stay their all year round if you have no other things to do.

The team, not yet ready to leave the hotel


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