Friday, May 6, 2011

AE Pipol -- Remembering Mama, Always…

Those days with her seem so fresh.
Her sincere touch.
The softness of her shiny black hair.
The warmth of her embrace.
The sweetness of her kiss.
Nothing beats the greatness of my Mama’s love.

I can still recall the words that I have uttered during the last night of her wake.
With teary eyes I spoke, “I maybe the luckiest son. My Mama starts her day by preparing
breakfast for all of us. Just like in a hotel, everything is set from plates, utensils up to our daily morning drinks…”

She was always there for us especially when times go rough and tough. Her presence, her consistent reminders, her words are remarkable which helped us become who we are right now.

When she was still strong, we drew strength from her.
When she was still able, she pampered us with her own version of tender care.
Until she took her last breath, she cannot conceal her love to us even without a word.

My mother died because of diabetes.
No wonder she is so sweet.
When she passed away, it took us time to let her go.
We’re all missing her.

I’m sure right now, she’s up in heaven.
She became the head of our guardian angels.
She is now with God’s embrace.

Happy Mother’s Day ‘Ma!
Thank you!

My beloved Mama now in God's embrace
With the light of our home


  1. What a lovely video Aethan! For Mama: thank you for everything, we love you so much & we miss you. Please continue to guide us always.

  2. happy mothers day sah lahat ng mga mother's...