Friday, May 6, 2011

Nostalgia -- Birthday Greetings

I was cleaning up my closet. When I went to a pile of old CD’s, my attention was captured by a tangerine colored CD inside its clear case. There was no tag on it so my curiosity grew which made me decide to plug it in my PC.

Voila! It was a collection of old pix from my Macondray days. I began to feel nostalgic. Macondray is where I had my first job. It is where my memories with my first other family was stored. It was the place who formally introduced me to the real world.

Team Macondray during our team building at Outland Adventure, Davao City
Rejoicing after conquering the spider's web
MacPlas cadets
All geared up for the challenges
There was another folder inside the CD. Those were birthday greetings of my ex-officemates. I can now recall that the CD was delivered to me after I stepped out in the company as their birthday gift. How sweet! How thoughtful that was.

After a while, I was giggling with the video message that they have created. I reminisced those days when I was with them – enjoying chitchats in the Accounting area, laughing with the HR team, story sharing with the Production & Technical guys. Most of them went on their own journey in life in search of greener pasture. Some of them are still connected with Macondray. I’m missing them all.


  1. hay bakit wala ako dun sa birthday greetings?hahaha. Nauna nga pala akong nag-search ng greener pasture. Miss everybody to the highest level!hahaha

    opppssss...bakit walang name/url na option na comment?

  2. Hey Krissy mas nauna k bang umalis? hehehe! Miss you all din. Sana matuloy ang reunion! hehehe!!