Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wandering Vigan -- The Heritage Village

It looks like we’re in a historical period movie while we posed for pictures in a cobblestone street where there are century- old Spanish houses as part of the background.
We we’re like reliving those Crisostomo Ibarra & Maria Clara eras with Sisa, Basilio & Crispin.
Capiz window
Strolling in the cobblestone street
Salakot revolution
Kalesa on the side
Max and Leona Florentino
Street smart
The sun rose so proud that day while the sky is blue. It exposed the glory of the Heritage Village – rustic, classy and nostalgic. The only modern touch of this old-looking street are the souvenir shops of colorful stuffs from key chains to wooden crafts.

Vendor mode
Framed up
Bags anyone?
Artshop at Escolta
Souvenir shoppe rumble
Kalesa terminal
Resting place
Vigan metallic tricycle
Beside a mall
Under the blue skies
Where else to go
Backdoor escape
Adding to the ancient-feeling scenery is the kalesa, a famous mode of transportation in this village. We were given option to ride the kalesa for an hour for PhP300 but we opted to take our feet to unravel and discover the beauty of the site.

Bibingka galore
Empanada express
Merienda time
More souvenirs here
Plaza Burgos landmark
Sitting by the window
Off to go back


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