Tuesday, August 30, 2011

AE Pipol -- Oh-August Girl-friends

August is another special month especially for some of my girl-friends who celebrate their birthdays on this rainy month. Allow me to introduce them to you.

Roselyn Gayo: Aug 14
     - I gave her the name "Endhey". It's our slang version of "Inday", a common Filipino name. She's one of my first friends in the workplace. I've known little about her way back kindergarten days because their house is located near to my school. She loves dancing and she's a good cook. She also loves travelling. We're constant lunch mates. We went to many places, including the Baguio Escape and Wandering Vigan series, together with other friends. She has a boyfriend whom we call "Tito". I bet she's waiting on something that might happen soon. My wish for her is that she may have a life that she always wanted - happy, convenient and contented.

Armida Malinao: Aug 20
     - "Mhidz" is also a dear friend of mine. She's one of my lunch buddies and also my breakfast classmate. Not to mention, my snacks provider and my idle time manager. We laugh together and we talk a lot. She's also one of the cast of our Vig-Bag Escape and some of our other getaways. She's a bit "kikay" and a whole lot of "clumsy" but what else I can do? She's my friend! My wish for her: she may have more courage in facing life. (serious huh!)

Rosalie Ligtas: Aug 8
     - She's "Ate Aling" to the group. The flower provider. She has this collection of flowers that many of us envy. What's so good about her is that she's approachable and very appreciative. I always thank her for believing in my skills and respecting my capacities. Given that, she'll always be a good sister-at-work to me.

Beth Parcon:  Aug 25
     - She's the famous "Ate Beth", who is managing the Kalsangi Clubhouse. She always invites me to take part of the events that she's handling. Her trust for my skills are highly appreciated. Whenever I have visitors, she's always ready to answer my requests to accommodate them at the clubhouse. What's so good about being her friend is that you can always enjoy the perks at the club including the first hand information of the upcoming activities there. My wish for her is that may she continue to enjoy life while sharing its joys to others, of course, that includes me! :)

It's so nice to have many girl-friends especially if all of their birthdays are just in the same month! Love the treats!

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