Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Friends Got Babies

Time flies so fast or is it I who is so slow? 

It seems like yesterday that we, a group of young dreamers, were heading to school with our backpacks and T-squares clinging at our shoulders, basking under the heat of the sun inside the premise of our desert-like university. And look at us now, I mean, look at them now. They're married and my friends got babies! I'm not saying that I would like to have one now but I am just so amazed that they got their own kids out from their own flesh & blood.

Almost two years ago, these two college buddies of mine got married in the same month.  Edwin (Pikoi) exchanged vows to Ann while Mecias (Ciasie) said "I Do" to Ruth. I was one of their groom's men, of course!

And a year ago, the wives of these same guys gave birth to these little angels named Josh & AJ. Josh is a little Edwin just take a look at the eyes and dimples while AJ looks like his dad Mecias especially the lips. They are celebrating their birthdays this month. These babies are definitely adorable! By the way, I am their "ninong", of course! 

Was it fate or merely coincidence? It could be a wild idea that these new generation can build the next generation together. It would be very cute that they'll end up as the next couple. That is something that we'll look forward years from now.

Time flies so fast and I can't help myself but smile. I still just can't believe that the school boys fellows are now full pledge daddies. Yeah, I still can't help myself but smile. :)

Here are the birthday videos for these little angels.

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  1. wow! thank you soooo much aethan for the time and effort s paggawa nito..i really appreciated it..walang kakupas-kupas tlaga pagiging creative mo :)