Tuesday, August 30, 2011

AE Pipol -- Alner Fernandez

Cool. This must be the first word to ever describe this friend of mine. The way he talks, the way he moves and even the way he thinks - he can be a very good example of a man who exudes coolness. 

By the way, did I say successful? The way I see it, his being cool made him now a person who is reaping success in all angle. 

He is also a family man, who at young age encountered life's bitter-sweet moments of having a child then later children of three. I have to mention that he has a beautiful wife and his kids are lovely.

Apart from his influences on me, I owe him much respect when he taught me how to shave my mustache. It may sound funny but that act moved me. Since then, when i hear of shaves, I can link that thing to him. Truly he is my mentor.

I've known this guy for over half a decade now. He is a revelation that one can be cool and successful at the same time.

For his birthday, I couldn't wish him more with happiness because he could be swimming with it. Instead, I wish him more blessings for him to share more with others. 

Thanks for the friendship Alner!

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  1. I feel so old, being "looked up" to. Haha. Thanks, inaanak! Salamat pud tanski!