Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sinulog de Bula In Action

The main entrance of Barangay Bula, Gen. Santos

"Sinulog! I-syagit og Kusog! Pit Senyor! Pit Senyor! Tanan magsa-ulog! Hah!"

I can't help it. Every time I remember my experience in one of the merriest fiesta in Gensan, the Sinulog theme song is giving me LSS.

Yes! The Sinulog version of Brgy. Bula in Gensan is one of the most anticipated celebration in the city. It's fun-filled, splashy, big feed, traffic and loud. 

One of the decoration on one of the houses there

On my fourth year, my experience has never been this exciting as it was my first time to join the fluvial parade. I and my friends traveled so early in the morning from Polomolok to catch the dawn mass as the kick-off for their much awaited festival. Inside the church, there were lots of Sto. Niño images of various shapes and sizes placed in front of the altar. After the mass, we hurriedly proceed to our friends house to change clothing fit for the fluvial parade. We then rode to a smaller boat before hopping in to the bigger one. It was simply amazing! Being one of those many people who joined the parade in the sea is like a fairytale came true. I was like a seafarer for a grand voyage along with many sea crafts and pirates of the Caribbean. After almost an hour of cruising, we then jumped-off to the smaller boats and brought ourselves to the shores of Queen Tuna Park and proceeded to our next activity -- attacking the banquet!

A mass of cute Sto. Nino's in front of the altar of Bula Church
Locals of the barangay
A quick but heart-stopping ride on a smaller boat
The seafarers of the fluvial parade
The festive fluvial parade
The colorful streets of Barangay Bula, inviting the guests to celebrate the fiesta
It was now proven that this house is open for all :)
At night, we went back to their church to be one with the devotees who lit candles and offered prayers. Of course, the celebration was not complete without joining their own version of disco the Sinulog way; wherein all people danced their way to the heart pumping beat of the theme song with lots of yelling, cheering and merrymaking! Despite of the pouring sweats, the mood was stirred up for a real festivity and it was very contagious.

Hundreds of devotees flocked to light candles and offer prayers
Merrymaking at the Sinulog de Bula. Hah!
It was another blast so to speak and the Sinulog de Bula has once again never failed me. I'll sure comeback again next year.

Happy Sinulog Barangay Bula!


  1. Nice photos!We were also there...enjoy gyud bya ang Sinulog!ang daming tao...

  2. Sir Lito thanks for dropping by. Nagsayaw2 pud ka sa Sinulog beat? hehehe! Dami foods sa pinuntahan nyo? :)