Monday, January 23, 2012

Ukay-ukay Day

Who said that Ukay-ukay shopping can be fun? 

I do!

There are lots of stuff you can see and buy in the ukay-ukay store. It offers a wide selection of items from shoes, bags, shirts, pants, jackets, even undies and some thingamajigs. Minus the airconditioned spaces, ukay-ukay items have lower prices as compared to what you can buy from the big shopping malls. Aside from that, most of the items from the ukay-ukay stalls were imported used clothings so it is advised to wash them properly before using them. Actually, some fellows soak these things using hot water before doing the regular washing. And as its name implied, you have to jumble the items from a bulk of choices in search for the best one that will fit and suit your fashion. I also call this "a challenging shopping"! You need also to use your luck and charm in dealing with the place, the mountain of items, the buyers and the vendors as well.

One day, I and my friends decided to test our luck in finding some things to be used for our costumes for a party. We headed to GenSan Ukay-ukay. And the fun never stopped as we entered the maze of ukay-ukay wonders. Hala bira!



  1. naku than.. nangapit bahay ka pa.. mas madami choices sa polomolok ukay2 i think.. Kaya lang, di ako matiyaga sa ukay. nasestress ako makipag-unahan sa mga nag-uukay sa mga great finds. and i cant stand the smell hehe :) but would you believe if i have bakasyunistas.. part of our itinerary is the ukayan? hehe.

  2. Ms Lynette galing kasi kami nag-Sinulog de Bula that time kaya dumaan kami. Sa Gensan open daily ang ukay-ukay stores while sa Poland namn tuwing Thursday and Sunday lang. hehehe! Organized din masyaod ang mga stalls kaya di masyado masikip at mainit. Nakakatuwa yung mga signages nila. Next time, isama mo sa itinerary ng guests mo ang place na to. hehehe! I'm just wonderin' nagsusuot din kaya ng galing sa ukay-ukay ang isang Lynette Gallinero? hehehe!