Monday, January 2, 2012

Getting to Know Me from A to Z (2012 edition)

It's a brand new year and one way of welcoming it is to re-introduce yourself to the people around you and to the rest of the world. This post serves as my annual ritual. With this exercise, I can (re)check if the person I am right now is still the same as before; I can also (re)evaluate if my sanity still blends with the environment I am with today; I can (re)assess if I have improved or have acquired new principles that made significant changes in my colorful life.

And now, it's high time for me to (re)introduce myself with this post called: Getting to Know Me from A to Z -- the 2012 edition. Here we go!

Aethan is my nick name. Many have said that I got a unique and nice name but little did they know that this evolved from my childhood name given by my dear cousin. It was Atan at first then became Athan in highschool, then it went Aethan when I got my first job for no obvious reason. Just recently, some people call me Aeth, others call me Ae while few calls me just A. See how it's evolving huh! But this name will save you from being tongue-tied to my tongue-twisting real first name. I was christened ZUNASAR! My original nick name was Nazar.
Blogging is my latest Buzz word. Since I introduced myself to the Blogosphere and became a member of Sox Bloggers, I became so much excited to learn more about it. Do I have to be afraid if I'll get hook to it? This year, I want to post more out from the "Bloggable" things surrounding me.
Colors can make me say "wow!". Caps became my trademark, they have so many uses -- for protection, projection and Concealment. ;P

Designs tickle my creative mind and I am always alive whenever I see such wonderful creations. It can be a web design, a poster design, a house design or anything that has a touch of art from a genius.
Events, especially in Dolefil, became my secondary job. I feel so flattered that I'm on the top of their list whenever they plan for important events. I, myself, can't believe it that I can now do hosting and directing corporate events and the like. ;)

Family and Friends are so precious to me. They are my treasures! Great to know that I met new Friends last year. That also means I have added more treasures in my chest. I want to gain Financial knowledge and I'm looking forward to learn that from a Friend.
God has been very good to me ever since. He's a great provider. He works in ways I cannot see. He's always there for me. The blessings that I'm enjoying right now are His Gifts.

Home is where my Heart is and I always dream of having a beautiful House. But sometimes, I want to challenge myself. I want to stay far away from Home just to check if I can survive.
I am always Inspired with people who strived hard and their life became a success story. Someday, I also want to be an Inspiration to others. 

Moves like Jagger is my latest favorite. It's a hit from Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera. I love the whistling!

Kulit, Kwela and Kenkoy are the other side of me. But I'm a shy person at the first minute of meeting.

Love for me is a glory disguised with a risk. It’s for you to take it or never love at all.

"More than Meets the eye" is such a powerful phrase and I just want to have courage so that I can also say that to others with pride. Music fills me. I just love 'em!

I’m half Naïve & half Narcissistic. It still depends on the weather. If time permits, I can be Noisy too.

I want to be an Outstanding somebody in the craft that I choose.

I maybe Perfectionist but I’m flexible more often than not. I want to be remembered as the Planner and/or the Programme master. Some said that I'm a Party animal. I love Photography but I don't have much resources yet.

I am but a Quixotic but always try to be down-to-earth. I would love to always ask the Questions and listen to the answers. Knowing other people's thoughts are like lessons to learn. Let's keep talking.

I love to Recollect precious moments and immortalize them through blogging. While Reminiscing, I get mushy and poetic. Can somebody say that I am Romantic too?

Songs soothe me. I go for variety of music as long as its lyrics are nice. I have my own playlist depending on my mood. Smiles to me are precious depending on its Sincerity.

Trust begets Trust that’s why I always take extra effort not to destroy my friends’ Trust to me. True persons inspire me too!

If there could only be one person that I want to be with for the rest of my life, that person could be somebody who is gifted with the power of Understanding and everything else follows.

To be young at all times -- that's my mind set. I would like to retain Vivacity in me. Hope I appear as a Vibrant person to others as well.

The Wackier the better. That’s my way of defining things beyond the usual. This is how I define casual.

Life itself is X-citing no matter how you describe it. It can be X-hilarating, X-aggerating, X-travagant. Name it!

I am Yearning for a life full of contentment. This Year, I should be more responsible and hardworking as ever.

May the Zeal & the Zest be always with me as I unravel the mysteries of this life can offer. And as I grow older with youth still within me, people and friends will say to themselves that one time in their lives they have met a boy named Zunasar, then a smile will etch on their faces.

There you have it guys! You can also share your GTKMFAZ to this page so that I can get to know you more. How about that? Happy New Year everyone!


  1. i would love to do my own GTKMFZ to0 but i g0t t0ns of paperw0rks f0r sch0ol. hehe. i'll definitely d0 it one of these days. =)

    it was nice kn0wing y0u sir! and i sure w0uld like t0 kn0w y0u m0re bey0nd the alphabet. Happy New Year to0! =)

  2. Hi Aethan! It was fun reading your GTKMFAZ! I can super relate to letter F - meeting new friends. It's nice knowing you, 'tan! God Bless and Keep it up!!!

  3. Hi Tracy a.k.a. stArdUst! I'm so happy that you took time reading my post. Thanks a lot! Looking forward to read your own GTKMFAZ one of these days. More blessings!

  4. Hi Julz! Thanks for reading my humble post. I;m glad that we became friends! More friends more fun!