Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fellowship of the Gods & Goddesses

Have you ever thought of this?
What will happen when the gods & goddesses gather up for an annual event?
Can you imagine a divine activity perhaps?
That time, heads will be shaking because it was an ethereal riot!

The Gods & Goddesses in flesh
Office kadas once again conquered a place one Saturday night for our annual party of thanksgiving and all. I can still recall from the previous years that we were so gaga over our costumes every time we have gatherings like this.We did role playing adapted from famous soap operas like Diyosa & Betty La Fea few years back. Then we had Jamboree-themed get-together. Last year, we did Hawaiian for our Trip-to-Hawaii bash. And this time, we went bizarre as universal life force in the Fellowship of the Gods & Goddesses obviously inspired by the Greek mythology. Beat that!

2009 -- Jamboree
2010 -- Betty La Diyosa
2011 -- Trip To Hawaii

2012 -- Fellowship of the Gods & Goddesses
To be honest, aside from the fun, there's a little pressure for each one of us as the years went by when it comes to costume soiree like this because the participants are getting competitive and better each year. And this year? You bet? All of us transformed into mighty and powerful gods & goddesses! Just too bad, most of us can't recognize who they were that night. But one thing for sure. I was Mercury that time! Tadah! (Wait! Is Mercury a Greek god or Roman? Whatever!)

The Gods & Goddesses up close

Aside from the gala walk, we had games and exchanging of gifts after dark. Not to mention the feast of the gods with matching grapes & apples in the banquet table covered with glittering linens and imaginary elegant candle holders. Of course, the affair is not complete without the uber picture taking here and there. That's why I have created a 5-minute video that can say it all.

Can't wait for our next year's theme. It will be a Disney saga!


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