Monday, December 31, 2012

Of Goodbyes and Hellos -- My Turn To Move Forward

I know it's coming but did not expect it to be that soon - it's my turn to move.

Just like pages of books, there will come a point to end a chapter and start a new one and this is it. 

For the past seven (7) years, Dole became my second home, my comfort zone, an abundant blessing. 
I've met a lot of people with different lights, of various sizes, colors and shapes. It made me richer when it comes to friends and allies. 

I've met my office 'kadas (barkadas or friends) who, in one way or another, influenced my way of thinking. The people around contributed to my growth as a professional and as an individual. Each of them inspired me to be good and become better and better each day. I just hope that at some point of my stay there, I also inspired them with my own simple ways. I just want to make a revelation: I always look forward to come to the office everyday because I feel that I am always welcome with their sincere smiles and the way people interact with me. I'm going to miss those things.

Dole has recognized me and my talents. That's just one of those many reasons why I'm so thankful to this company. The company has put its trust on me to handle huge events. Although those were overwhelming, I and the team managed to deliver outstanding jobs with grace under pressure. It's just good to know that the support is always there. I've had my partners in C.R.I.M.E. (Creative Respondents and Innovators of Momentous Events). This is the kind of crime that I want to do over and over again. 

I can still remember the time during my final interview with the big bosses there. Someone asked me, "How do you see yourself three or five years from now? " With full  enthusiasm, I answered him with this: " I want to be somebody who is an authority of something. That when people talks about that something, the first thing that they can think of is my name." Now, I hope that I gave justice to what I have said during that day. I hope that when people there will talk about something that is good, the first thing that crosses their mind is ME and I will feel not only flattered but will be very honored.

I left Dole happy and proud. I brought with me the most cherished memories and the valuable learnings that made me equipped and shielded. I'm keeping them all in my treasure chest wherever I may be.

"Thank you" is an understatement. It would be appropriate for me to say " I love you all!"
If there will come a time that our roads will cross again, I'm pretty sure that it would be another exciting chapter of my life.

This video is a tribute to my Dole family. Thank you everyone for making my Dole experience spectacular.


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