Monday, December 31, 2012

Before They Let Me Go

Series of Goodbyes
I am so loved. I can feel it.

When my countdown to goodbye started, friends from all over the office came to me and asked confirmation from me if I am leaving Dole. After hearing my piece, I received sincere remarks from them and they made me feel that they are happy for me.

It's good to know that people care. It's flattering that they will also miss me and my presence during the usual gatherings. There were times that sadness came in to me. I can't help it. I've been with this people for almost a decade now and the memories that we spent together were already etched in my heart. Sometimes I just felt that I'm dying and taking my last few breaths so I need to spent last precious moments with them.

So there we go. Each "team" planned for send-off parties for me. I was kinda shocked at first because I never thought that they'll do that for me. I don't even find myself worthy of something like that. What happened then was a series of send-off gatherings which made me feel so much special to these people.

Group of people from Dolefil Logistics took the first move. At first they told me that it's just going to be a simple "bibingka and biko" night. I just thought that it was just as casual as those foods. They were laughing and teasing me. Only to find out that they will going to take me out for a pizza and pasta dinner plus a coffee fellowship later. What an extravagant surprise! And not only that, they brought me some presents that I couldn't refuse - my favorite things: a Cap and a Bag! They know my taste and I love them for that!

Despidida from Dolefil Logistics - First Pack
Next stop was with my wacky and hilarious friends. We first went to have a 5D experience at SM then we feast on the foods of Tong Yang. To complete the night of fun, we had our videoke session til we drop. T'was a night full of singing, dancing and laughter to the max - those were the things that we haven't done for the past year.

Theme: Before I Let You Go
Another small get-together-slash-goodbye-dinner for me was with my dear friend Melai and Ledon plus Trisha and Cindy. T'was an intimate dinner and fun chitchats and updates over delicious foods and coffee later. It was so nice catching things up with friends like them.

Melai with Trisha, Cindy and Ledon
Final week came and the whole Dolefil Logistics team revealed that they have prepared a mini send-off snacks for me. It was a pleasant surprise again. All of us were gathered in a smaller conference room in the pavilion just like any birthday gathering. I will surely miss that thing and that room as well. A special pasta (I forgot the name) was served during that afternoon.

Mini Send-off Party from Dolefil Logistics
Time came in for the Central Logistics team to give me an ultimate send-off dinner. What made this gathering extra special is that our ex-pat Director flew all the way from Manila just to be there on my final day. That was very touching. They actually made me cry with their speeches. I never thought that there were a lot of good things they have to say for me. I was overwhelmed. They gave me a black varsity jacket - it's something that I wanted to have.

Central Logistics' Farewell
Final day arrived and it was Friday. After farewell has been sent to all with flying kisses and teary eyes, another group of close friends at the office throw a party at our house. It was so nice of them for they have prepared a program for that night. That's one thing I never expected them to initiate. With matching big screen and an LCD projector, heartwarming songs were sung for me plus they have created a video for me. To top it all, we also have a photo booth. Speeches were offered and they made me cry a river. It was truly unforgettable. It gave me a heavy heart to end that night. 

They also gave me a special present. Without me knowing, it's been a week since they have been collecting messages written in colorful papers from almost all the people in the office. They collaborated it all and formed a huge scrapbook covered with my favorite Dexter's laboratory character. I was so impressed.

Feathers and Blues
I will surely miss you guys. Thanks for the gift of friendship and to the inspiration you have given me. My memory bank will be filled with happy thoughts. You are always cherished. God bless you! I love you all. Till then...


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