Monday, December 31, 2012

Year 2012: A Quick Glance

Year 2012 is just the start of my days!

Colorful. Dramatic. Resonating. Awesome. Brilliant. Spectacular.

Call it beginner's luck but I'm claiming that the year that was is just the start of something better, real bigger and cooler episodes that I could ever think of as I move forward.

This year has driven me crazy with a whole new things that ever happened to me. It was overwhelming but it's on the good side of it.

Taking into account that my beloved father went home with the Lord in heaven, there are so many blessings rushing into my way. In fact, I and my two other sisters became closer now. We always made to a point that we will be there for each other and we will enjoy life together whenever we have enough resources to sustain. This year, we had our first ever family vacation in Cebu and Bohol. Papa should have been with us but we enjoyed the summer and made a pact that from then on, we should have at least one getaway each year.

Now I know the real meaning of this: "When God closes the door, He opens the window" . And not only a single window, but a bunch of windows with wider openings than a single door. It's totally amazing.

In 2012, my creative skills were tested and sharpened in various ways. I got compensated which is amusing and I feel good about it. I got noticed by many which gives me chills up to now. And the big leap which is related to that is the birth of a simple business endeavor with dear friends at work. Did I hear somebody say, "Piktyur Piktyur!" ?

In 2012, I was formally introduced to a new world - the cooperative. In DECCO, I did not only get the chance to travel across South-Central Mindanao, I also got this new kind of empowerment from the backbones of the organization. They have entrusted me various projects. Some of which were already accomplished with flying colors while some of it are still ongoing. I also got the chance to practice my public speaking talents since I am also part of their team of training facilitators. True enough, my experience with them is rewarding.
In 2012, my career path made a turning point. I have finally decided to leave my comfort zone and embraced new environment, a new culture. This time, I meet new people, new personalities and of course different challenges ahead. I have finally realized that I need to expand my horizon and check my worth as a professional.

The greatest thing that happened to me in 2012 is something that always makes me smile. Finally after the long search and longing, I have renewed my relationship with my Creator, my Lord, my Savior. Now I'm considering myself as a baby Christian who is so curious to know Him more. I want to get closer to Him. Good to note that together with my journey on strengthening my relationship with God, I have met my new-found brothers. These are the people which I don't biologically have and I'm so glad that I have them, getting to know them better. I feel so secured that I have people to lean on when I am tested with my faith. I'm looking forward to more bonding moments and fellowships with these cool bro's.  

I'm always thankful to God for He is always blessing me with more than enough, more than enough to survive the test of times. I am so moved with His love. I am so thankful that 2012 brought me a lot of reasons to be delightful. I know that there are more reasons to celebrate. I believe that this year has prepared me for huge milestones ahead of my way.  God is with me.

Just like after the shedding of a snake, I am now ready to conquer the year 2013: Bolder, Better and Wiser!


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