Sunday, November 2, 2014

Come My Child at the Ba Yong Park, Jinhua

The photo depicts the love of a mother to her child. This mother-and-child tandem not only captured my sight but also my heart. True enough that all mothers are our real-life heroes.

This photo is taken from one of the many interesting parks in Jinhua City, Zheijiang Province in China. The park is also as known as the Ba Yong Park which is a riverside scenic spot highlighting the Ba Yong Tower. This park was developed to showcase the ancient culture of the city through landscapes, museums, preserved old villages, meeting halls and courtyards, souvenir shops, restaurants and some important landmarks during the Song Dynasty.

The main entrance of the Ba Yong Park.

A street of souvenir shops and small snack houses alongside the main entrance of the scenic spot.
Notice the Chinese ancient architecture used to maintain the feel on this side of the park.

This is a shop whose specialty is on serving old-aged wine preserved in the clay jars.
Jade stones were just one of the many souvenir items in the sidewalk.
Most have claimed that these rocks were naturally formed from the mountains in the outskirt of the city.
One of the ancient courtyards and meeting halls that were preserved.
These are some of the landmarks of the preserved village in the park.

These are the relics from one of the museums in the park.
On the top right is an ancient pen used for Chinese calligraphy.
The pathway of the preserved ancient Chinese village.

The Ba Yong Tower is an ancient architectural structure that is strategically located at the remnant of the age-old city wall. It is overlooking the green belts north of the Yangtze River and the modern panorama of the city. This tower is also popular as the carrier of the profound culture of Jinhua.

The entrance of the Ba Yong Tower.
Overlooking from the Ba Yong Tower is another park beside the river - the Wuzhou Park.
The old walled city map of Jinhua with Chinese calligraphy.
With another tourist who asked photo with me when he learned that I am from the Philippines.
During the Song Dynasty, Jinhua was a cultural center and home to many distinguished people such as philosophers, statesmen, scholars and even poets. These includes Li Qingzhao (1084-1150's) who is famous as China's celebrated woman poet. She has chosen the city to be her final home during the last twenty-five years of her life. Jinhua local people have constructed a memorial hall in honor of her which is attached to the Ba Yong Tower.

The statue of Li Qingzhao and her famous poems about her life in Jinhua.

During my first visit there, I was so inspired by how Jinhuanese perpetuate the era which defined not just their place but also their existence. It was so amazing to note that even at present times like this, one can still feel how the ancient history evolved into a spirit of camaraderie and unity to the modernized people of this city.


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