Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Touch of the Future at Ho Ho Restaurant, Jinhua

Years from now, they will be the next generation of movers of change.
I hope that they will learn good values as they will be nurtured with love in preparation for the humanity's future.
While waiting for our foods, these kids are enjoying the games from their modern-day toy. This vibrant photo is taken from one of the talked-about restaurant in Jinhua City, Zheijiang Province of China. As for me, the resto's name is catchy because it sounds like the laugh of Santa Clause but for them, Ho Ho is what Chinese usually exclaim when the food is delicious.

From the outside, the building looks like a Chinese temple but when you go inside, it was surely a pleasant surprise. 

The facade of Ho Ho Restaurant resembles a temple.

Greeting the customers is a lovely counter with colorful old drawers. On the right corner in the lobby is a menu board where all the foods to order are listed. There you can witness how excited the patrons are to taste the specialty foods of the place. 

At the lobby of Ho Ho Restaurant from top left clockwise:
the Menu Board, the Counter, a small pond, the colorful drawers
As we went inside the dining hall, right before our eyes is a well lit area with beautifully crafted lanterns hanging on its ceiling. At the center end of the hall mirrors a theater-stage-like also with round tables for dining. Adorning it is a ceiling with intricate designs. We were told that those were taken from the ancient houses of Jinhua.

The dining hall of Ho Ho restaurant.
One portion of the ceiling with ancient baroque designs.
Minutes later, the foods that we ordered were served one by one. The first delicacy that was served is a sticky rice wrapped with pandan leaf with meat inside. It is like our pastil but with a savory aroma.

The pastil-like food was the first food on our big round table.
Beef Stew - more flavorful than our Kaldereta.
Chicken Dish which is similar to our Afritada.
This is a kind of omelet with flowers of Jasmine.
A sweet sticky delicacy as part of our dessert is also yummy.
A semi-toasted bread with ice cream on top became my favorite treat.
So much with the food and it's architectural design, it also the festive ambiance of Ho Ho Restaurant that makes it appealing. The two-storey place has full of visitors who are enjoying great food and great conversations as well.

It was indeed a Ho Ho experience in a Ho Ho day and all I can say is Ho Ho all the way!

The restaurant is open until 8:00 in the evening
and they also serve coffee until 10:00 in the evening.


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