Monday, November 3, 2014

The Bond at the Bund

The Bund is well-known to be the Shanghai's pride.
With its picturesque landscape, this place owns a glorious beauty both day and night.
It was love at first sight!

I first saw its charm shining shimmering at that night when we got the chance to explore Shanghai a little bit more. The lights and its skyscrapers defined a magnificent skyline, truly a work of art. The cold breeze of autumn that night never brought a dull moment as the joyous people from everywhere painted a scenery of pure bliss. It was really captivating. Then, I told myself, I will visit this place again and be back for more.

The breathtaking view of The Bund at night with impressive lights from the towering buildings.
One of the must-do's in the area is cruising the Huangpu River
wherein you can take a closer view of the tallest buildings on the other side of the river.
This is me. Overjoyed amidst the flock of people in The Bund.

Me and my new love enjoying our bonding moments together during our first meetup.

True enough, I went back to this new love of mine in another setting. That time, it was in the afternoon. Still many people surrounded the place, very busy appreciating its wonders. But that never stopped me to delve into its other gems. On that occasion, I couldn't help myself to be more jubilant with my eyes wide open and I don't want to blink so as not to miss a single thing.

Approaching the main spot of The Bund
where you can see from afar the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.
One of the colorful parks in The Bund area with amazing sculptures.
Still in The Bund area where colorful flowers are blooming.
The admirable wall of flowers is also a favorite spot in The Bund.
Another look of The Bund in a sunny afternoon.

Me and The Bund has this bond that is defined by laws that only the both of us can understand. I am missing that place. I am missing that point in time where our eyes meet and without saying a word, a feeling of elation embraces me. Now, all I can do is to take a glimpse of The Bund through my captured memories. And I wouldn't mind if I do it over and over again. The feeling still lingers on. With the thought of The Bund, I am ready to fall in love once more.


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