Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dancing in the Park

This couple must be very in love with each other.
They start their day dancing in the park.

A park in China is a good venue for so many exciting and healthy activities like walking, jogging, performing Tai Chi and even chatting. But what captivated me is their way of dancing in the park.

Be it morning, late afternoon or early evening, people, mostly middle-aged women, gathered in the park for their daily routine. Somebody will bring a big stereo, turn the music on and then pump up the volume. Then, they all dance together in synchronicity with upbeat Chinese music in the background. It is not the Zumba style and they are not doing the typical exercise like we usually perform during our elementary days. They have their own style of dancing which I can say unique. They also have lead dancers performing in front of the flock. They also do some ballroom dancing like chacha, boogie and waltz. Some joined in as pairs, others are real-life couples while some went there with their own troupe. The moment that the music is played, there's no stopping until the spot will be full of dancers. This community dancing usually lasts for one to two hours daily.

People will just find their own spot to join the community dancing.

Despite the sweat and despite catching their breath while executing the dance steps, these people have found joy in what they are doing. Aside from being a healthy habit, this regular community dancing can also improve relationship among friends and the people in the neighborhood. 

And speaking of relationship, the photo above was captured during my early morning walk in one of the beautiful parks in Shanghai. What is so inspiring about this scene is that they were dancing in the park, doing the waltz, early in the morning, just the two of them, like nobody's watching. This couple must be doing this regularly to start their day. With their stereo on, they dance along with the beat of their hearts. It was such a lovely thing.


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