Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fly High!

I wanna fly high like the birds in the skies. Touching the fluffy clouds. 
Feel the wind beneath my wings. And yes! I can do it.
Come on! 

Let's fly! 


Yes! We can now fly without going to the mountain top to glide. We can just fly as a kite! Instead of looking up the skies, we can know be looking down the grounds. Cool isn't it? Yeah! It could be real and really the best.

Have you ever heard about Paratowing?

It is another exciting adventure that you can try. Paratowing is similar to Paragliding but it does not require you to be on the elevated places just to take off. You can enjoy this kind of adventure sports even if you are in the plain grounds. All you need is a wide open field and the aerodynamic forces of the air. Of course, you also need a harness attached to a fabric wing with interconnected baffled cells and a professional pilot that can assist you while flying. To visualize what I am exactly talking about, please watch the video at the end of this post. And tell me if you wanna fly like that.

I met a professional for this type of adventure sports and he asked me if I want to try and feel the extreme. We set the venue in an open field in Palkan, Polomolok, South Cotabato in an early afternoon. Prior to the actual flight, he and his team prepared the things needed and made sure that everything is set for our safe fly as well. They did a test flight and it was successful.

Getting ready for a new kind of adventure.
Preparing the gadgets.

Spreading the wing.

Testing the colorful wing.


Up and up!

The wing is in the air.

Everything was perfect then. There's a good volume of wind and the skies are so pretty but when we are about to put on the harness to the first passenger, it begun to drizzle and eventually the rain has poured on the field. It was not so lucky day for us and our excitement was dampened but it was also a good start. We decided to set another date and it is going to be successful in God's perfect time.

For now, I am just sharing with you just a thought of it and once I can experience it by myself, you will be the first one to know.

For more questions and details, please visit this Facebook page: Filipino Paramotor Training

Let's fly! 


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