Saturday, October 22, 2011

Getting Inspiration from Dolefil Chairs for Trees Project

Aside from its dedication to produce the world’s best fresh pineapple and packaged foods, Dolefil also puts its heart through its Corporate Social Responsibilities projects (CSR) which aim to provide a different outlook in life to its nearby communities.

One of the various successful Community Development Reciprocating Action Projects of Dolefil CSR is the Chairs for Trees. Colorful school chairs out from the company’s recycled wooden pallets are donated to its identified institutions such as public schools all over SOCCSKSARGEN to address the region’s one of the problems on educational system which is sever lack of school chairs. As a reciprocating action, its beneficiaries are required to plant and grow trees to help protect the environment.  Each chair is equivalent to 27 seedlings to be planted. Launched in 2003, this wonderful project went a long way as it has already reached its one millionth tree last November 22, 2007.  To date, it has donated to its 600 beneficiary institutions more than thirty five thousand armchairs - that’s 35,193 units to be exact. It has also distributed 9,171 kiddie chairs, 2,149 kiddie tables and 4,645 church pews. These are all equivalent to 1,344,069 forest trees planted in the region.

But this project is not just distributing chairs and planting trees in return. This is a three-fold project that is firmly grounded in achieving a community transformation as it is strongly linked to other institutions as well. Mahintana Foundation, Inc. is one of the partners of Dolefil for this special project. It takes care on the distribution of chairs and coordination with the suppliers of seedlings to planted.

SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers are so honored to be invited by Dolefil to take a quick tour to follow the whole process flow behind this project. Provided with a detailed itinerary, each of the bloggers is curious on how does this project marked a significant part of Dolefil CSR.

Our first stop was at the Unified Engineering and Manpower Services Multi-Purpose Cooperative located at Polomolok, South Cotabato where these colorful chairs are being manufactured. Dolefil’s recycled wooden pallets are turned over to them. After sorting the pallets, they dismantle it and cut it into parts of the chair. The cooperative assigned carpenters to assemble the parts and they can fabricate 100 chairs per day depending on the demand. Dolefil is paying Php 270 for every chair produced. Our next stop was at the cooperative’s area where these chairs are painted with Dole colors – red, yellow and blue. The bloggers were delighted to see a long row of the actual painted chairs but we were not able to witness the actual painting activity in the said area.

Chair Making Process Flow: From recyclable wooden pallet
to the manufactured school chair
The colorfully painted chairs with the Sox Bloggers

We then proceed to one of the beneficiary schools of the Chair for Trees project. We visited Upper Klinan Elementary School and witnessed how these colorful chairs provided comfort to the pupils during their classes. Somehow it contributed to their enthusiasm to go to school everyday. We have also visited the area where the school planted the trees and we were happy to see how they are taking care of it through putting up tree guards.

The beneficiary school and it's designated areas for their trees
Happy faces of the school children with their colorful chairs from Dolefil
Sox Bloggers with the school kids
After a jolly interaction with the teachers and the students, we took the uphill route going to Brgy. Maligo. This was the final destination of the trip and this is the place where the nursery of an all-women cooperative resides. The Mt. Matutum Federation of Marginal Farmers Association (MMFMFA) is the beneficiary of Dolefil for planting the seedlings. For every seedling, Dolefil is paying Php 1.75 and Chairs for Trees is not the only market for them. Other sure markets of the cooperative are the Tree Planting activities of Dolefil. They are nursing various varieties of trees such as mahogany, guava apple, norfolk and a whole lot more.

The nursery station of  MMFMFA at Brgy. Maligo

Before lunch time came in, we headed our way to Kalsangi Clubhouse for the sumptuous meal and wrap-up discussion. Along the way, I came to realize how Dolefil is committed in taking care the community and the environment. The company provides jobs for many people – farmers, carpenters, the cooperatives, and affecting so many lives like the students of so many schools while protecting the environment through recycling and planting more trees. I am proud and inspired to be part of the said trip for I have witnessed how the Chairs for Trees project moves the entire community not only in this present time but also in the future. Where else in the world can you find a brilliant project such as Chairs for trees? Only Dolefil has it. 

Here's the captured video of the school kids singing with glee (with the Sox Bloggers headed by Sir Avel Manansala):

ThAEnk-worthy: Special thanks to the following people -
1) Avel Manansala for giving this opportunity to be part of the Sox Bloggers
2) Gwyn Ebol for putting up the initiatives which made the quick tour possible
3) Jess Lapid for the extra photos
4) RS Dee and Bascon Cidz for some nice photos
5) Fellow Sox Bloggers for the experience to be with you :)
6) Club Kalsangi for the hearty lunch
7) Atty. Mel Hernandez for the warm accommodation


  1. Ang galing, Aethan! It's our pleasure to have you there with us. Hope to see you again the next time we take a tour in another of our CSR proj. :)

  2. Hi Gwyn! Thanks for inviting me to be part of the tour. Hope to join again for more tours on Dolefil CSR's. This Chairs for Trees is really inspiring. :)