Sunday, October 23, 2011

Boots Scootin' at Kalsangi OctobeRodeo

Kalsangi Clubhouse was filled with cowboys and cowgirls in various shapes, sizes and colors as they celebrated the Family Day of Kalsangi Residents Association (KRA) with its very own OctobeRodeo. KRA is a community in Kalsangi that composed of big bosses from Dolefil. And they were grouped according to their streets.

From top left bottom clockwise: Manager of Kalsangi Clubhouse Beth Parcon,
Dolefil Managing Director Simon Denye and his beautiful wife Maliosa with HR Director
Atty. Mel Hernandez and his lovely wife,
my co-host Gwyn Ebol and the Rhythm and Matrix Band
I and my friend Gwyn were tasked to host the show. We decided to wear costumes too and transformed ourselves into fictitious cowboy hippies. Gwyn called herself "the cowboy's no other woman" while I'm "the brother of Woody from another mother". Yeeha!

The cowboy's no other woman
& the brother of Woody from another mother
Emcees on the go
Lots of exciting things were stored that night. There were games, prizes, tons of foods, drinks and entertainment with a live band named Rhythm and Matrix. 

The Rodeo foods and sight
After the feast of foods for dinner, we did the first game for the cowboys called Beer Drinking Relay composed of 3 members per team. There were seven teams competed and drank those beers like babies, bottoms up! Afterwards, it's cowgirls turn for the Cola Drinking Contest. We took one participant per team and the cowgirl who first drank the cola up to the last drop won the game. The last game was called Shoot the Hoop. We asked one participant from each team and they were given 3 hoops to shoot it on the pole. The contestant who shot most number of hoops won the game.

The cowboy participants for the Beer Drinking Relay
including Dolefil's Toughest Guys
such as Simon Denye and Bong Maliwat
Beer Drinking like babies
Getting ready for the Cola Drinking Contest
Shot the Hoop contest
OctobeRodeo also awarded top 5 best dressed little cowboys and cowgirls. We were even amazed of those cute kids with nice full cowboy outfits. Their parents must have prepared a lot for the competition.

The best dressed little cowboys and cowgirls - Emcees not included
Then disco time with live band came and we did a community dance headed by a hired dance instructor to the tune of Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5. It was whole blast of a party and everybody danced like there's no tomorrow.

The Dance Party Kick-off - Emcees now included

What made that night memorable to me is I got the chance to be a Concert King for a Night because I, together with my partner Gwyn, joined the band like pro and they allowed us to sing along with them. It was such an experience!

Concert King for a night
Hmmm... I wonder if they also have Rodeos on November?

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  1. I really enjoyed the night, Than! Fun blogpost :)