Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Burp" Experience at MacRoad Steak House

Love Steak? There's a whole new reason why you will love steak more. 

Macroad Steak House offers another dining experience in GenSan. This cute place is located at Villanueva Building, Lapu-lapu street, in front of the post office besides Manila Bank. Aside from steaks, Macroad has a wide range of delectable dishes that will surely tickle your taste buds.  I love their crunchy Garlic Shrimp and their mouth-watering Salisbury de Cabana (ground beef topped on egg omelet with fried banana on the side). Their Garlic Chicken is a sure champion while their Sizzling Squid is a sure hit!

From left- right and clockwise:
Sizzling Squid, Garlic Chicken,
Garlic Shrimps and Salisbury de Cabana
And their stake, yes their stake! Their stake are something you would go crazy for. And another thing that is noteworthy is their price list. I would say that they've got the most affordable steak in town. Their T-bone steak is only Php 150 while their Rib-eye Steak is only Php 75 and these two steaks are served with rice already.  You will never get "pobre" with their Steak ala Pobre for it only costs you Php 135. Soon, they'll be coming up with combo meals served with drinks.

MacRoad Steak House: T-bone Steak
MacRoad Steak House Menu
MacRoad Steak House: Price List

When it comes to its ambiance, Macroad Steak House depicts a simple, small place with drift woods as its tables and chairs, with cozy lighting, conducive venue for hanging-out with your friends as they also serve beer. But what so distinct about the place is its wall painted with a refreshing color called Honeysuckle (red and pink combination) - the color of the year.

The facade of MacRoad Steak House
This is owned and managed by AB Matteo who is a self-confessed food lover that knows how to cook. Maybe the reason why the foods there are flavorful because it has the magic personal touch of the owner. As for now, he cooks the meals served at Macroad while he is training some of his staff to do the same in the next future. He also informed us that he and his wife personally conceptualized the look of their steak house. They were even the ones who did the setting up and the painting of their place. They also have a vision of coming up a chain of steak house that serves delicious yet affordable foods for everyone. 

Macroad Road Steak House will have its formal opening this November 2011. They are open 20 hours a day, from 10am until 6am the next day so you can go there even at the wee hours in the morning or even after the party at late nights. 

I'll bring my friends along with me when I'll go back there one of these days so that they can also have this "burp" experience like I did.

Burp! Excuse me... :)

Thanks to Sir Avel Manansala for the invitation and to fellow Sox Bloggers for the company. 


  1. Surely, people will come flocking to the newest and most affordable steak house in GenSan as soon as they read this appetizing post!


  2. Owow! tempting.. nakakagutom nga :)

  3. Ma try nga puntahan yan this week... :))

  4. like the garlic shrimps a lot!
    i'll visit again to try the other menu..
    thumbs up!

  5. Hi Sheryll! Great to hear that you visited MacRoad Steak House. Try also their Salisbury de Cabana. It sounds like expensive food but it's really affordable.

  6. Hi Bhel! Have you tried MacRoad already? Share to us your "Burp!" experience. We would be very happy to hear from you!