Monday, October 24, 2011

Preparing for the 35th National Milo Marathon in GenSan

The 35th National Milo Marathon Kit

Tadah! A pleasant surprise was handed to me by my friend earlier this afternoon. It was a short brown envelope printed with "IMPORTANT REMINDER" in bold, all-capital letters. All I thought it was just another set of work-to-do's in the office but when I read on it further, I have read the word "race" and I hurriedly flipped the envelope to see its front. It reads "National Milo Marathon" with my name written on top! 

This is it! I'll be running 5K with my office 'kadas on Sunday, October 30, 2011. I opened the envelope and I got my bib inside marked with 620721 in bold, black numbers. Wrapped in plastic, I have now my Milo-colored singlet with the 35th National Milo Marathon logo printed on it. I looked at the back of the singlet and it says "KAYA MO YAN!" (You Can Do It!). Also inside the envelope is a piece of leaflet with Running Tips by Coach Jim Saret. It also has two sachets of Nestea Fit inside.

My Milo Marathon Bib
My Milo Marathon Singlet
Helpful running tips

I read the tips and it made me more excited for the event. It will be five days from now so I have more time to prepare. I need to plan for my running clothes and equipment. I need to check if my running shoes is still working. I need to plan with my friends how to get there at the venue earlier as it will take thirty-minute ride going to Gensan from Polomolok. I will be a runner and I need to plan this and that!

Then,I paused for a while. 

It will be my first time to join Milo Marathon and I bet this would be different from previous Dolefil Fun Runs which I haven't joined before because I was preoccupied with other tasks then. Wow! This is really exciting.

Will I finish the race running? Or I'll reach the Finish Line walking? That we have find out soon. 

Well, it won't matter how I'll finish the marathon. The most important thing is I will experience how to be part of a bigger fun run and of course, I joined this marathon for a cause!

Kaya ko 'to!


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