Thursday, October 27, 2011

“Burp” Experience with Pizza Hut Tuscani

The new Pizza Hut Tuscani Pizzas

Pizza Hut revealed its new set of pizzas that everyone will surely love. The Tuscani pizzas have freshly made thinner crusts with fuller flavor. Imagine the crust that is soft inside and slightly crispy on the outside – way different from the other thin crust pizza brands.

This comes with five exciting, tasty flavors to indulge with: Supremo, Premium All Meat, Gourmet BBQ Chicken, 3-Cheese Bacon & Spinach and my favorite Roast Beef. They are all available in two sizes: Medium (10 inches) and Super Family (14 inches).

Best for pizza fanatics, it has a power cast of 9 choice toppings - beef, black olives with garlic and olive oil roasted bell peppers, Italian sausage, mozzarella cheese, onions, parmesan, pepperoni, and smoked ham.

Premium All Meat
This is a meat-lovers delight. Name it: bacon, beef, Italian sausage, pepperoni, salami, and smoked ham topped on mozzarella and parmesan cheese layer with premium tomato sauce. It's a complete treat!

Gourmet BBQ Chicken
It’s a Chicken pizza like no other. A complete feast of BBQ chicken with honey BBQ sauce, marinated chicken, olive oil roasted bell peppers and red onion.

3-Cheese Bacon & Spinach
A cheese galore that is so flavorful. Another gourmet pizza with spinach, bacon with béchamel sauce and a multi-layer of most loved cheeses – parmesan, cheddar and mozzarella.

Roast Beef
It’s really an eye-candy with its garlic steak sauce drizzles in crosshatch design. A perfect combo of premium roast beef and shiitake mushrooms with cheddar and mozzarella cheeses and premium tomato sauce.

Pizza Hut’s latest flavors Tuscani are must-try. You can’t get enough with just single slice. You’ll be craving for more! 

No wonder this became the latest favorite of Ms. Universe 3rd Princess Shamcey Supsup, another GenSan’s pride and the latest indorser of Pizza Hut, the home to the country's pinaka-pizza.

Shamcey Supsup, the endorser of Pizza Hut Tuscani Pizzas
True enough, Pizza Hut Tuscani spells the word “burp”!

Burp! Excuse me...

My "Burp" experience with Sox Bloggers
* Mr. Jasper Baracca, Restaurant Manager of Pizza Hut KCC Mall of Gensan, for the "burp" accommodation
* Sox Bloggers, headed by Sir Avel Manansala, for another "burp" experience
* Dimple Dulay for the photos

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