Friday, April 15, 2011

AE Pipol -- Ms. Joy Lozano

She can be cool, bubbly & can be wacky at times. The newest pride of the Logistics Team has conquered our hearts because she's simple yet so natural & sincere. She can be a friend, a daughter & a mother to anyone close to her. 

I first met her way back when I had my OJT. That time, she was not my boss but I can see her light, so radiant & fine. When I joined the team six years ago, I took over her place as a Production Planner because she will be transferred to another team. She was pregnant then but I can see that she's patient and kind. There will be times that she's irritated but her acts didn't show that she's wicked & arrogant.

As a mommy of four kids, though she may not consider herself as a stage mom, she makes sure that her kids are in good condition & away from any harm. One time I overheard her talking to her child over the phone & said, "Anak, are you okay? Anything wrong?". So motherly and sweet!

She's a loving wife so to speak. A strong & independent woman yet soft-hearted. She's also fun loving. Her laugh is contagious. She's possesses this different kind of beauty. Truly beautiful from deep within.

Happy Birthday Ms. Joy!
This blog is for you.

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