Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baguio Escape -- Botanical Garden

It’s beginning to drizzle again when we decided to leave the park and went-off to another famous park, the so-called Baguio Botanical Garden.

At the entrance were few jolly old fellows wearing the traditional Igorot outfits waiting for photo opts as seen on postcards. We joined them for few poses with their own version of peace sign ala Korean style and “Mr. Pogi” hand sign – a tribal fusion! We paid some tip for them and we decided to leave their post since they’re increasing in volume and more of them were approaching us for more.
At first they were three, look at manong's "Mr. Pogi" sign
Then there were three more, some more were approaching. Peace yo!
As its name suggests, the park has plenty of flowers wrapped the different landscapes. One of the attractions is the set of huge sculptures of ethnic figures and some Pinoy epic heroes. You can also ride a horse to explore the park. 

Lush green background in one of the many landscapes at the park
Gigantic tribal figure standing taller than humans
Behind the pose is an epic hero
There are also some souvenir shops here selling goods from keychain to bags to colorful sweaters to wood carvings. We bought some “pasalubong” here for only PhP100 per dozen. That included a name print on each piece.

Looking for something colorful at the souvenir shop
Done shopping for "pasalubong's"
On our way to the park exit & one more pose


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